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Gift Of Intercession (Time And Time Again)


Unknown Timeline




Release Date:
31st January 2022


vinyl, download & streaming


Blazej Malinowski & RTMTS
Have You Ever Considered A Real Freedom

Raroh & Głós
Just Another Cosmic Singularity

Michal Wolski & Milena Glowacka

Internal Observer & OTHK
Northerly Routes


Press Info:
A charity album on the occasion of the 30th edition of “The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity”

We work in the structures of the club scene on a daily basis. We write about music, produce, organize events. We are united by a love of music, but also a willingness to help. The idea for a charity album was born in March 2021. From word to word, after weeks, we gathered the line-up of artists who were close to our musical tastes.

Many paired artists collaborated for the first time. The album does not lack producer debuts as well as experienced in this field. Everyone, without exception, agreed to take part in the project almost repeatedly, starting its implementation. The entire twenty-five (OTHK is a duo editor’s note) were extremely enthusiastic about the idea, confirming our belief in the rightness of the further implementation of the assumptions made at the beginning of the plan – make everything possible by January, the beginning of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity collection and auctions.

Unlike other auctions, this one will be unique. We have prepared ONE, ONLY album piece. A real vinyl “White Raven”, the production of which will never be repeated. An album that will have one owner, the only lucky one. For this purpose, we have prepared a unique cover, dedicated graphics and the white color of 12 ”discs symbolizing the eyes – an element strongly related to the theme of the jubilee 30th edition of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, that is, eyesight. This year’s finals will be held under the slogan “Look at your eyes”, and the fundraiser will be conducted in terms of children’s ophthalmology. This year’s goal of Jurek Owsiak and his fearless army is to ensure the highest standards of diagnosis and treatment of eyesight in children in Poland.

The auction of our album will take place on the website of the official partner of Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity – Allegro.pl. Not wanting to be limited only to the home yard, the album can also be auctioned in euro – which was what we wanted the most. We value the ability to reach the widest possible audience as much as the belief in collecting as much money as possible, which we will be able to add to the account of the most meritorious philanthropic foundation in the history of Poland.

It is said that it is worth helping. It doesn’t matter in what form. It doesn’t matter how much money is collected. One and only gesture can work wonders. That is why we hope that with our (and your) help we will be able to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life and health of many a child in need. Even more so by doing and loving what we actually do every day.

Thank you in advance for a small mention of our action. We want the news about it to spread as far as we can imagine.

With kindest regards and gratitude,

Marcin Pisarski / Internal Observer (owner of Unknown Timeline)
Damian Badziąg (editor of Muno.pl, Gdańsk)

P.S. After the auction is over, the individual EPs that make up the album will be available for purchase through the Unknown Timeline label in vinyl and digital form. Their number (single plates) will be very limited.


Full Track Streaming:


Michal Wolski – “Paktcast 023”

Internal Observer – “Miejsca w techno, gdzie… | 214”

OTHK – “@ SECRET RAVE vol.666 | 4th DEC 2021”

Raroh – “MNMT 313”

Blazej Malinowski – “Archaic Podcast 385”

Głós – “Music For Break-Ups”


Głós’ “Wounds” on Diffuse Reality Records
Głós’ “Poems” on Non-Print
Głós’ “Psalms” on Escapism
Blazej Malinowski’s “Dark Awakenings” on The Gods Planet
Michał Wolski’s “The New World EP” on Nonplus Records
Michał Wolski’s “Still Life EP” on International Day Off
split EP “The Perfect Moment In Time-Space Continuum” by Raroh | Głós
compilation “Observations Longways The Time” on Unknown Timeline


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