out for a while: Various – Observations Longways The Time [Unknown Timeline]




Observations Longways The Time


Unknown Timeline




Release Date:
April 2017


12″ & digital


Blazej Malinowski

Ten Towers

OBKT, Milena Kriegs & Eastern Renaissance
Item Zero

Michał Wolski
The Wind The Flag

Nternal Bserver
Legal Fiction



Press Info:
The vision of techno is presented by seven producers from electronic music scene of Poland. The well-known artists – Blazej Malinowski i Michał Wolski, who work intensivly over new productions, promote polish scene abroad with liveacts ans dj sets, are resposible for radio broadcasts on which they bring valuable information in relation to electronic music to the listeners.
ISNT, a very well know female dj and promotor, who has recently started producing hypnotic techno productions. Less known, and deeply dark, developing project – the OBKT, which is the result of the cooperation of two well-known dark techno producers Milena Kriegs and Eastern Renaissance. Together with them on the compilation, the lesser-known producers are completing and emphasizing the character of the compilation, Nternal Bserver (read: Internal Observer), who has already released several EP’s and single tracks abroad, and who focuses on playing varied and heavier sound during liveacts. TRNAH, a female producer with a lot of experience on musical collaborations, who shows with her charming song, that a techno album containing more powerful and hypnotic sound can also be filled with nostalgia and exceptionally captivating sadness.

Label has plans to work on next releases. The idea of supporting less known producers together with their more experienced colleagues will be preserved.
Those plans are just takes shapes for the young record label, but the great support that accompanies both the label and its anonymous creators from Unknown Timeline brings closer the time of subsequent decisions.




Blazej Malinowski – “MNMT 186”

ISNT – “Instytut Podcast #020”

Milena Kriegs – “RYC Podcast 081”

Eastern Renaissance – “Othercult Podcast 12”

Michał Wolski – “Invite’s Choice Podcast 514”

Nternal Bserver – “Behind The Stage Podcast 052”


Blazej Malinowski’s “Dark Awakenings” on The Gods Planet
Michał Wolski’s “The New World EP” on Nonplus Records
Michał Wolski’s “Still Life EP” on International Day Off


Buy Vinyl:
Unknown Timeline @ Bandcamp
more soon


Buy Digital:
Unknown Timeline @ Bandcamp
more soon


Unknown Timeline


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