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DURCH​[​digital​]​Solidarity 002






Release Date:
16th April 2021


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Luca Eck

Brutalismus 3000
Satan Was A Baby Boomer

Neri J
New Face

Belladonna Is Your Flower

Sylvie Maziarz
Mehr Schein als Sein

Pitch Black







Press Info:
DURCH is a queer collective with a clear vision of solidarity and community building. DURCH operates in Tel Aviv and Berlin trying to bring queer people together, building a culture of inclusion, diversity and tolerance. In the tradition of original raves DURCH organizes solidarity events ranging from parties, to art and community events, with the strong belief that raves are a much needed place for people to come together, celebrate their diversity and learn to respect each other. Musically DURCH is eclectic inspired by hardcore, straight forward techno, ghetto and scouse house and 90s acid.

Gender bender, genre offender – our second love letter to the queer community

We are back with our second solidarity release of the year: Bolder, queerer and definitely more fun than ever. Take a bit of everything, mix it together and then burn it all down. Building on our previous release DURCH [digital] Solidarity 002 features some well established artists alongside some exciting, well-kept secrets of the electronic dance music scene. You’re in for a bumpy ride and a couple of pretty nasty surprises on the way.

As usual all the profit is donated to queer causes!

The revenue of this release goes to:
TransInterQueer e.V. (TrIQ) transinterqueer.org
Casa Kuà casa-kua.com

Luca Eck – MOAN
Luca Eck is one of the most promising talents rising from a new generation of Berlin-bred artists. He aims to create a blend between the emotional appeal of popular music and the dark sounds of industrial techno that already brought him behind the decks of Berlin’s renowned Griessmuehle, several international venues and live on ARTE Concert’s United We Stream programme. His music quickly gained recognition from established artists such as Amelie Lens, Paula Temple, Anetha and Kobosil. Being classically trained since his early childhood, he started writing and producing electronic pop music at the age of 11, later transitioning into techno in 2017. His track selections and productions feature a sound that is uncompromisingly hard, yet deeply emotional. Bright melodies hover above dystopian soundscapes and warping digital textures, a style rooted as much in nostalgia as it is futuristic. Luca Eck’s new track MOAN doesn’t just aim to elevate the stylistic potential of techno by merging a rap sound palette with a gritty techno groove — it also transmits an urgent message about masculinity and vulnerability. Heteronormative sexuality has been constructed around male dominance and female subservience, and it has been a struggle for queer visibility and a dignified life that has brought liberation from those oppressive norms. MOAN is a tribute to all those who challenge the binaries of a gendered world and dare to communicate their needs, fears, kinks, boundaries, and pleasure everyday. Contrasting an aggressive vocal hook with a queer amature porn sample, the track reclaims the male orgasm as more than a brief moment of ecstasy but as an expression of vulnerability; a moment of giving oneself fully to another despite being taught to adhere to none but yourself. With its pulsating bassline the high-energy track celebrates the beauty of consensual, respectful and loving sex.

Brutalismus3000 – Satan Was A Babyboomer
Brutalismus 3000 is a Berlin based duo that takes inspiration from early Gabber and Hardstyle as well as Punk and Wave music, fusing it to a new and contemporary sound that fits into the hardest parties of the underground club scene. Fast paced rough kicks, unique synths and classic 909 sounds produced by Theo Zeitner meet catchy Vocals by multilingual singer Victoria Vassiliki Daldas. Satan Was a Babyboomer is a high tempo hardcore banger that channels the anger of the younger generation against the apathy and the destructive mindset of the babyboomer generation. Typical for Brutalismus 3000s sound, wavy, punk oriented parts collide with old school gabber inspired madness. Satan was a Babyboomer embodies the essence of a newfound sense of political outrage in the scene. Victoria sounds like a more concerned Alice Glass and Theos beats are a pressing testimony of what Berlin sounds like today.

Neri J – New Face
Neri J is one of Copenhagen’s fastest rising stars. She has built a solid reputation on the Copenhagen scene as a creative selector and a talented producer. The music of Neri J breaks the boundaries between techno and genres like acid and trance. High in intensity, hard hitting, restless in delivery are some of the main qualities of Neri J’s sound. Neri J’s talent and restlessness in her work have assured her multiple solid acts under her wing in Europe’s most recognized and quality venues and parties such as Säule (Berghain/Panorama Bar, Berlin, Germany), ://about blank (Berlin), Herrensauna (Tresor, Berlin), Inkonst (Malmö, Sweden), Strøm Festival (Copenhagen), Culture Box (Copenhagen) just to name a few. Constantly working on new releases, Neri J is also a resident at legendaryCopenhagen’s underground venue Ved Siden Af (side project of Et Andet Sted) and its label/agency Another Name as well techno label TRTLNCK and is a founder and curator of fast techno raves Vortex.

Ex_Machina – Belladonna Is Your Flower
Hailing from the formerly industrial west coast of Scotland, Ex_Machina is no stranger to the industrial realms of hard dance music. As part of the Voight-Kampff collective- the young disrupter aims to bring a tougher industrialised techno sound to Glasgow’s club circuit- the young artist has cut his teeth as a DJ across Scotland and as part of the rave series hosted by Jaded at Corsica Studios in London by displaying his uncompromising sound. Drawing influence from industrial surroundings and emotions, Belladonna is Your Flower is a track which represents feelings of hope in the face of urban decay, aiming to evoke anthemic feelings which are harshly juxtaposed by the industrial nature of the track. Belladonna is Your Flower builds on a brutally destructive beat overflown by a euphoric, yet bitter sweet synth line. Think Orwellian dystopia of the 21st century!

Sylvie Maziarz – Mehr Schein als Sein
Sylvie Maziarz is a DJ, promoter, label owner, networker and a community inspirer and activist at the same time. She gradually perfected her blend of high-octane rave tempos, monotonous drones and yet incorporating some quirky, happy vibes underneath it all. Thanks to being focussed from the start her DJ career quickly took off and landed her gigs in home turf Berlin and in Spain, Belgium, Poland and even Asia and Africa. She was also featured on high-profile podcasts like French rave-institute Possession. As a producer, her music got picked up on imprints like Second State, Flash, WarinD, Suara, Odd and Gomboc. Obviously, her DJ style is reflected in her productions, making it all effective dance floor material – but with her personal twist that injects more than just being ‘bangers’. BFT Records – Sylvie’s record imprint – ramped up the schedule in recent times and quickly found it’s signature sound. Within a couple of weeks the tracks of her label got played by the biggest names out there like Rebekah, Regal and Amelie Lens. Sylvie Maziarz is one that stands out in the current playing field. An artist that is continuing to carve her own path and is just starting to scratch the surface of her possibilities. Mehr Schein als Sein is a collaboration between Sylvie and a friend that is a short story author. Mehr Schein als Sein deals with the struggle between inner feelings, public images and the way one tries to present themself to others. The track centers around the transcendental vocals and the lyrical content. With a pressing kick and a more than catchy and euphoric synth lead the track is still made for the dancefloor. A perfect track to wash off a night of heavy raving.

Trq-30 – Pitch Black
Trq-30 is a duo consisting of two native Berliners, who have been djing for several years and recently started releasing their first tracks and remixes on various labels. Similar to their Dj sets, Trq-30 stands for uplifting, fast, pumping and groovy techno tracks, made for the dancefloor. Pitch-black“ is a driving, dark and dubby track representing a style which has always been home to Berlin. With a deep kick, classic oldschool snares, a trance inspired lead Pitch Black is a housy, beautifully dreamy and pumping dancefloor killer.

Métaraph – Contaminations
Métaraph is a non binary multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin. They are a jewellery designer, DJ, music producer, dancer, performer, visual artist and one of the co-founder of Orpheus, London based multidisciplinary project that merges conceptual experience with rave and multidisciplinary approaches. They started performing within the London queer underground scene since 2018 where they were based and also travelled across Europe. As an artist, Métaraph has already had excellent releases on label such as Hardest Soft and TSA records and has been hosting an array of podcasts which showcase their unique blend of hard kick and emotional leads. Fast, ethereal, industrial, melancholic and raw journeys are created through their Dj set in clubs, meanwhile they are also driven by the creation of textural soundscapes for different experiences outside the night club space. Shapeshifting between hope and darkness, Métaraph’s sets aim to transcend from the inner chaos to a higher vibrational state of existence. This is a path through the labyrinth of cross-contamination between genres. A steep dive into multilayered realms, a plunge into the depth of synthetic reworked echos, ethereal hypnotic pads, hard kicks and sharp percussions blending smoothly into the melancholic metal guitar melody. A journey from beyond to within and backwards. Métaraph blends effortlessly high energy hard core with industrial techno, psy trance influences, almost poppy guitar sequences, beautiful vocal lines and anthemic melody and some acid sparkles. Contaminations shows an unusual sense of maturity and confidence in their paths as a young producer.

Glitchgirl – WIITWD
Glitchgirl is punk and rave. Glitchgirl is an audio swarm operating at freak frequencies, performing antagonistic insurgencies on genre. She is broader than any classification whether they be musical, artistic, historical, geopolitical. Glitchgirl rewinds and remixes cultures into an immense immersive matrix of sound. She sidelines planning for cunning manufacturing bass tendencies that blurs boundaries and brings in unheard sounds from futures. Glitchgirl tunnels and undermines notions of what music is, cutting and abstracting noise to manufacture various immediacies. Glitchgirl is a mechanic and digital cyberfuture. Glitchgirl is a Spanish music artist, 5 years playing weird screaming while blasting bass beats in vienna, paris, madrid, barcelona, galicia, zaragoza, almería asturias WIITWD is quitessentially Glitchgirl starting off as a vibrant drum n bass inspired futuristic techno track, sqwirrling into a massive, angry hardcore kick that leaves no question of where glitchgirl is coming from. As the name suggests this thing is glitchy, noisy, punky and devies any kind of genre classification, because Glitchgirl truly doesn’t give a fuck!

Noko – ste01
Noko is an exciting new producer from Tel Aviv. At only 17 Nokos makes sounds that are peculiar and distinct. Inspired by early raving experiences in the Tel Aviv’s underground scene she started DJing and producing only a year ago and a l ready de fy ing expec ta t ions o f the danceab le , straightforward, trance inspired sound of the Tel Aviv scene both in her DJ sets and tracks. Noko draws inspiration from heavy, deep techno, noise and tekno. Noko is exciting and we are sure that you will hear from her quite a bit in the coming years. Ste01 builds a soundscape through layers of distortion, a heavy, industrial kick and glitchy noise. Ste 01 is hard techno with a noise twist, some dynamic changes and snaring sounds.

Sch_lz – Avanguard
Sch_lz has been a musician since he was five years old. These twenty-two years of experience have influenced his dj sets and music production. He has recently been focused on composing, producing and singing with his schultz&brauer project- while simultaneously working on hypnotic bass- focused techno. The upcoming release of DURCH will celebrate all beautiful types of queerness he embraces as a gay producer. In a field of tension between the open minded quality of Berlin and the worlds regressive governments, his music stands for a modern and political society that thrives to overcome the conservative norms and old-fashioned society standards. With Avanguard Sch_lz delivers some high quality, dark techno. Lead by a kick that is warm, full and let say – juicy Avanguard is a straight-forward, classic and organic. Highly danceable, fun, quintessentially techno.

Armtüm – Pleiades
ÅMRTÜM is a French artist who’s been developing his techno project in Berlin for the last 2 years. His music today is a combination of styles, lead by emotions ranging from euphoria, melancholy, sadness and discovery. He tries to experiment with analog machines and effects in addition to his knowledge as a Sound Engineer / Sound Designer, to bring new textures and ambiances to the Techno scene. His contribution to our VA is a solid and compact track, between dark techno and rave with euphoric notes over soaring and energetic breaks evolving smoothly over time with dynamic and charged vocals breaks.Pleiades is a fast, acid and trance inspired banger. Euphoric notes over soaring and energetic breaks evolving smoothly over time with dynamic and charged vocal breaks. Pleiades is bubblegum hardcore: Fun and driven by a sense of humor yet a murder on the dancefloor.


Full Track Streaming:


Sylvie Maziarz – “Mehr Sein Als Schein”


Luca Eck – “Voight-Kampff Podcast – Episode 99”

Trq-30 – “Hypnaughtic 007”

Sylvie Maziarz – “United We Stream x Arte Concert”

Neri J – “Bassiani invites / Podcast #86”


compilation “DURCH​[​digital​]​Solidarity 001” on DURCH


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