out now: Projekt Gestalten – Wretched Cuts EP [Mild Fantasy]


Projekt Gestalten


Wretched Cuts EP


Mild Fantasy




Release Date:
13th November 2020


vinyl & digital


Wise People In Reverse

Morte Macaca

Holographic Principle

Wise People In Reverse
(The Lady Machine Remix)


Press Info:
Wretched Cuts is the new solo EP by gender-nonconforming techno artist, Projekt Gestalten. The release comes via the New York’s Mild Fantasy imprint run by DJ Elle Dee and features three original themes focusing on introspective techno plus a remix by the veteran, The Lady Machine.

The project reflects an array of themes using as the starting point the story of Estamira and the Brazilian documentary of the same name, telling her life story. Estamira was an incredibly enlightened older woman who scattered one of the largest landfills of Rio de Janeiro for food. Not because she had to, but because she loved that place as she loved “her own children” and enjoyed making a living out of other people’s disposable goods. Simultaneously, while dealing with schizophrenia and abuse, she believed she was a superior spiritual being whose magical powers could control time, space, and other elements of nature.

The tracks are inspired by some of her most memorable quotes and moments that made an impact on Projekt Gestalten. “Wise People In Reverse” goes into a darker approach and samples Estamira’s voice talking in a mysterious unknown language with an unrevealed force, using only a broken piece of a telephone that she had just found it in the trash. “Morte Macaca” takes a rhythmic approach towards dub techno, and “Holographic Principle” gets trippier and hallucinogenic with Projekt Gestalten’s signature acid lines. Lady Machine’s “Wise People In Reverse” remix takes the original theme to a driving, peak hour approach and transforms it into an effective DJ tool.

“There are no more innocent people on Earth, only wise people in reverse”.

Projekt Gestalten’s “Wretched Cuts EP” drops on November 13th 2020 on digital and on a limited pink coloured vinyl edition.


Full Track Streaming:


“Pornceptual Quarantine Music #4”


Projekt Gestalten’s “He Bleeds Stories EP” on VRAAA Records
compilation “Serpent Series III (Drop 2)” w/ PG track on Voxnox Records
compilation “Various Artists III” w/ PG track on RND. Records
compilation “Sammelwerk I” w/ PG track on Konflkt
sampler “RTLS001VA” w/ PPG track on Rituals Records


Buy Vinyl:
Mild Fantasy @ Bandcamp
more soon


Buy Digital:
Mild Fantasy @ Bandcamp
more soon


Quest Agency


Projekt Gestalten
Mild Fantasy

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