[Special]: Staub x The Hindie Corp x Goethe Institut


Staub x The Hindie Corp x Goethe Institut


Press Info:

It is nothing new that the pandemic changed our lives and it will do so for the foreseeable future.

Especially in countries like Colombia, where social injustice is part of everyday life and governmental support for artists and cultural workers is non existent.

We started this project to help artists in these difficult times, to be able to work on projects they love and to enable to collaborate virtually with their colleges.

The cooperation between the two cities Bogota and Berlin involved a visual artist and a musician.

Both working together over distance, exchanging ideas and creating something new, emotional and poetic.

The 20 days virtual residency program started in December and has been challenging but also at the same time exciting. We had talks, laughs and a great time to take our minds off.

The musician Emika (Berlin) worked together with visual artist Paola Balam (Bogota) and also the musicians No intellectual Property & Gverilla Radio (Bogota) teamed up with the visual artist futureerror (Berlin).

Resulting in completely new and different works, sonically and visually.

We happy that the NovaFuture Blog is presenting the video premiere of:

No Intellectual Property & Gverilla Radio – “09092020”

… and MedellinStyle presenting the video premiere of:

Emika – “Intuition 009 (Reimagined)”
[original version released on album “Chaos Star “]

Based on recordings from riots in Bogota about the fight for social justice and freedom. We want to thank Goethe Institute for this opportunity; they gave everybody the chance to work together and exchange ideas on two different continents.


No Intellectual Property
CVBES Aka Gverilla Radio
The Hindie Corp
Goethe Institut
NovaFuture Blog


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