out now: Foam And Sand – Circle 10 [Quiet Love Records]


Foam And Sand


Circle 10


Quiet Love Records




Release Date:
13th July 2020




Circle 10


Press Info:
The LA based ambient/electronica artist «Foam and Sand» crafts his hazy and deeply textural music with a variety of sonic sources, including tape loops, modular synths and acoustic instruments.

The project started during the recent quarantine. Confined to his home studio, the artist who releases music under different monikers, started creating self soothing ambient music, for his own peace of mind and as a form of musical therapy first. These new pieces were only shared on Instagram, along with visuals the artist created himself as well: a confluence of colours, shapes and sound. Much like planets circling each other, or cells exchanging molecules, they express the interconnectedness of all things. Soon a following for the project started to grow on social media and after remixing a «Dreaming of Ghosts» track on Robot Koch’s label «Trees and Cyborgs», Foam and Sand now presents his first solo single on «Quiet Love Records».

“Circle 10” is based around a tape loop which goes in and out of phase, revealing its imperfect beauty through the unsteadiness of the old tape. A xylophone, sometimes bowed or hit with a mallet creates a dreamy and film like atmosphere all glued together by analog synth clouds which were also recorded to tape and slowed down, creating a subtle, warm and deeply calming piece of music.


Full Track Streaming:
“Circle 10”


Jan Wagner’s “Nummern” on Quiet Love Records
Jan Wagner’s “Kapitel” on Quiet Love Records
Rosa Anschütz’ “Rigid EP” on Quiet Love Records


Buy Digital:
Foam And Sand @ Bandcamp
Beatport Classic
Google Play
more soon


Commercial Streaming Services:
Youtube Music


Foam And Sand
Quiet Love Records


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