out now: Earthscape & KE:NT – Lost In Ether EP [Wahn]


Earthscape & KE:NT


Lost In Ether EP






Release Date:
29th May 2020




This Is Not A Love Song

Just Trash No Faith

Earthscape & KE:NT
Lost In Ether

Earthscape & KE:NT
Lost In Ether
(Narciss Remix)


Press Info:
Following up their debut release, KE:NT’s “Mit Liebe und Gewalt Akt I” earlier this year, newly formed techno imprint WAHN is at it again with a selection of three expressive tracks by label founders KE:NT and Earthscape plus a featured remix by Berlin based DJ and producer Narciss.

What started as a casual jam session in late 2018 turned into a close musical alliance and friendship both behind the decks and beyond, ultimately resulting in the formation of WAHN as a label for creative output and unrestricted expression.

The opening track “this is not a love song” showcases KE:NT’s signature blend of raw percussive grooves and well-defined chaos. The piece connects current full range techno strains with a hint of 90s rave culture.

Next up is Earthscape’s “just trash no faith” which unapologetically continues the journey down a more melancholic yet harsh and agitative path. A unique and slightly dissonant pad compliments a dominant, evolving mid-range synth and the habitual, trademark low-end rumble we grew accustomed to.

„Lost in Ether“, the last original track on the EP greenlit the initial cooperation and in turn the creation of the WAHN label project. Coalescing the two artist ́s aptitude and drive for uniquity, the track undoubtedly and emphatically imposes itself onto the listener ́s desire to finally return and immerse into the sorely missed nightlife landscape.

Building on the purposeful and somewhat grim foundation of the original, Narciss closes the EP with a more subtle, delicate interpretation of „Lost in Ether“. Toning down it ́s brawling and rustling nature but keeping the captivating atmosphere, the recut overall encapsulates a more defined and gloomy character.

Two years in the making, WAHN002 substantiates the young label ́s place within the scene and will unquestionably leave many with a considerable hunger for more!

— Text by Florian Lohnhardt —


Full Track Streaming:


KE:NT – “This Is Not A Love Song”
(after ban from youtube you find it on pornhub…. yes… pornhub 😉 )

Video made by Marielle Tawv


KE:NT – “Intramural Podcast #010”

Earthscape – “Paralisis Podcast 04”


KE:NT’s “Mit Liebe Und Gewalt Akt I” on Wahn
compilation “Chapitre 03” w/ Earthscape track on Autonome Records
compilation “Formless Vol. 2” w/ Earthscape track on Abstraction


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Wahn @ Bandcamp
Google Play
more soon


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Youtube Music




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