[Music & Interview]: Nico Hoech & Kandy K


Music & Interview
Nico Hoech & Kandy K


Something different this time… We talked with the founder of the Durch party series and the mix was provided by his resident Kandy K



hi Nico, very cool to have you for this short interview. Let’s start with a little introduction by yourself. Where were you born and raised? How was your childhood and youth? When did you discover your love for music and which kind of music did you listen to when you were a teenager/tween?
Thx for having me. I will turn this year 40 years old and was born and raised in the former GDR. In a small city next to the Baltic Sea. My family was a typical socialist family – there was no time for music. It was all about work and work for community. In the end of the 90thies I discovered punk and skin music. Counterculture by itself. And the same time techno reached my heart – time of MAYDAY and underground raves.

Durch 1
(Nico Hoech, founder of Durch)

I guess it is not a secret that you are gay as you organize queer parties. So we would like to know a little bit about your personal situation at home with parents and relatives, your hometown, your outing etc. Was it difficult for you? What are your experiences with friends, relatives etc when you came out?
We can make it short – in my hometown was no gay culture or life. There was nothing to discover, so I traveled as often i could to Berlin to express myself. It was amazing. My hometown was a neo-nazi area, my struggle was different. But my parents were very open minded. I had never any problems with them about being gay – I never had a coming out, cause I don’t want to write myself like a stranger. And i will coming out, when my straight friends are coming out as well: so let’s talk about sex and not about my coming out. I become a queer skin.

Durch 1

As mentioned above you are the promoter of a queer party series. It’s called “DURCH” and the current Berlin editions are taking place at “Zur Klappe”. When did you get the idea of running our own party? Could you please describe the concept of it? Have you changed anything since you started it? Are there any DJs who play regularly / residents? What kind(s) of music do you have at “DURCH”? What are the criterias you use for selecting the venue for a party (I remember that the first instalment took place at Untertage)?
I started this party with Martin 2,5 years ago at SchwuZ. The idea was to bring the music and party there, where the party mostly started – at the toilets. That’s still our concept. Even Martin is not part of this anymore. After SchwuZ we tried Untertage, cause fetish and sex is part of our concept and the venue fits us well. After a break we decided to move to Zur Klappe, cause it’s a old public toilet. A old gay cruising spot. DURCH becomes resident party at Zur Klapoe and we are happy about cause it combines all what we like: dark underground techno sex toilets.

DURCH stands for hard techno and it’s fluids developments – I like elements from ghetto, which and scouse house as well. We are happy about our residential DJs like Kandy K in Tel Aviv, Luca Eck, Sh Se (before TLV now Berlin) and Dj Hobby (Zur Klappe).


Durch 1Durch 1 Durch 1
(residents: Luca Eck, Kandy K, SH SE)

Berlin has one of the biggest queer communities and also a vital gay nightlife. What makes Berlin so special/interesting regarding nightlife (queer and in general)? How important is the gay scene for the music scene in general? Which queer parties impress you and influenced your own idea?
Berlin is still living from the vibe from the early 90thies. Everything is possible as long as u believing in it and if there some crazy heads around u. Everybody is talking about the dying nightlife, but there are small unique space like KAKE, build up by queer expats. That’s still the Berlin vibe from the 90thies. And for sure every techno party in Berlin is in somehow in queer party, at least a gay party. ??

The former HOMOPATIK – now Buttons Impressed me most. It’s my home, my castle, my love.


Durch 1
(Durch logo)

After running several instalments in Berlin you brought “DURCH” also to Israel and have more plans. Could you please tell us something about this? How did you come up with this “export” idea? What did you already do and what are your plans? Do you cooperate with other promoters/parties there? Anything different to the Berlin concept?
DURCH is now running events in Berlin und Tel Aviv. The Tel Aviv idea came after my uncountable visits there. I having lot of friends there and felling part of this city. We were talking a lot of what is missing there: queer community events and underground parties. Last year in September I moved there for three month and we organized some community events like queer art exhibition or bondage workshop or a queer bdsm show. But still DURCH like to celebrate techno parties we organized a real underground rave and a queer techno show at Alphabet Club. DURCH TLV was born and working now by its own: next underground rave is at the 21.2. w/ Luca Eck, Dj Hyperdrive, Kandy K and Aba Karish – underground location.

(uploads of Durch on Soundcloud)

Beside organizing parties you also work(ed) as bouncer etc. in clubs like Berghain, Griessmuehle and ://about blank. When did you start working in clubs? What did/do you do there? How is/was it to work there as a queer? Any negative experience? How important are queer doormen for a club? Why are they necessary (having latest homophobic attacks in Berlin & other cities in mind)?
I started many years ago … doing security for small punk-rock or techno shows. I was studying and needed the money. I did and doing everything: greeting, doing rounds, Awerness, medical help and social work. In the same way having good experience, u get negatives once’s. From seeing/feeling somebody is dying or was raped up to invitations to marriages. It’s crazy.

I would say it’s important to make the marginalized people at door visible. We need more queer people at the door but in the same way more women* or people of color and many more marginalized people as well. I’m very privileged even as a queer person, cause I can choose to show my queerness or not.


Durch 1

On instagram you have some photo series (https://instagram.com/durch.party). Please tell us something about them. Are these pictures made for DURCH? What‘s the concept? Who are the photographers and models?
We did once this “instagram armpits exhibition” – all pics (90) were sended by Berlin queers or I did them by myself. The idea was: „it’s time to leave the shelter. It’s time to express urself in the way u are. in the way how u showing ur armpits, u open urself for the view and the person in front of u – u starting to get vulnerable. attachable. but u aren’t. cause we are many. and u are beautiful. 1312 – stonewall was a riot.” It’s mostly about to make people visable. And to great a counterculture. It’s not about likes. It’s about us and our bodies, fetish or desire. Mostly all models are friends or know persons. Same with the photographer.

Durch 1
(overview of one of theses exhibitions)

We on NovaFuture are music freaks and we are always interested to which music other people listen. So could you please name 10 favourite tracks/records (no matter which style) and tell us why they are important for you?
01. Jung Kaputt Spart Altersheime by Bärchen und die Milchbubis
best punk ever

02. Not In Love by Crystal Castles
cause I fall in love

03. ….. by Dritte Wahl
punk rock who socialized me

04. Stumme Menschen by Feine Sahne Fischfilet
Friends running a band

05. Lebkuchenmann by Georgette Dee
it’s deep meaning German Chanson and I like it deep

06. No Regrets by HO99O9
best band ever

07. Navy Blue by John Roberts
best ketamine music, brought stability in my life

08. Subzero by Ben Klock
makes me feel 17 again

09. Mekong Delta by Len Faki
it’s part of my oldschool berghain which was never exciting (only in my mind)

10. Cold Fusion by The Advent & Industrislyzer
that’s my techno background.


(video of “Not In Love” by Crystal Castles ft. Robert Smith)

When we as music lovers interview other music lovers, we often just talk about the music and forget that people perhaps also have other hobbies/interests. So we would like to know if you also do some other stuff in your spare time to relax…beside music related issues.
I’m trying to read as much as I can or to travel around the world. Photography and art is something I’m very into it. And I like the opera and theater.

Durch 1

It’s already the end of our small interview so let’s talk about your future and what’s coming next. Any special news about “DURCH”?
Friday – 7.2. next DURCH at Zur Klappe. (see our feature). DURCH starts Art and a bigger cooperation in Berlin – but the Rest is top secret right now.

Exclusive Mix:


Tracklist of Exclusive Mix:
CucumB45 – Dog Bark-1 (Demo Version)
Head Horny’s & DJ Miguel Serna – No More
Max McFerren – Well Tempered Ecstasy
Crystal Energy – You Me Sudoku
DJ Reiz – Good Time With A.
M. TouNu & Sergie – Aristocrate (M.TouNu Indus Edit)
POLHØ & WAST – Sensitive Blaster
M.TouNu – No Money
Fury – Neorave
Mega Lo Mania – Close Your Eyes (Cocooma Remix)
Jan Vercauteren – Hellpass
J. Golo, Peke Albeza – Tha Stand
DJ Jose Vol 3 – Kiss Me Hard Before You Go
Scooter – Nessaja
M.TouNu – L’amour Toujour


Kandy K
Durch @ Soundcloud


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