out now: Brecc – Delusional World EP [Omen Recordings]




Delusional World EP


Omen Recordings




Release Date:
07th October 2019




Unlock My Shackles

Delusional World

Disrupt The System


Delusional World
(Illnurse Remix)

Delusional World
(Axkan Remix)


Press Info:
OMEN Recordings is at it again releasing more industrial techno music. The label is showcasing their 9th EP, “Delusional World”, featuring Brecc, from Utrecht, Netherlands, a busy producer and active DJ who brings four power tracks to this hard-hitting Techno EP. Also adding hot flavor to the release are remixes by ILLNURSE, from Paris, and AXKAN from Los Angeles.

Unlock My Shackles (Original) – Trying to escape from one that controls, the slave of machines tries to escape from its restraints in this powerful chain-thrashing big room track. Delusional World (Original) – Get ready for intense rave-infused-industrial techno that is hard and relentless when you play out this track. It’s loud and smashes the dance-floor with kicks and hints of acid whipping at your face. Disrupt The System (Original) – Lost souls trying to find their way in the cold blackness of the unknown describes this haunting beauty. A composition of minds that have wondered with breaks in the rhythm that disrupt and protest. Insanity (Original) – Driving 4X4 kicks dominate this production while the sweat and leather drives you crazy. If you want to bring up the energy, then douse the dance-floor with this banger.

Delusional World (ILLNURSE REMIX) – Interpreted in a unique way by using the familiar EBM / industrial leads to create this favorite for many will definitely make the limiters push in the red. Delusional World (AXKAN Remix) – Coming in no-holds bar, the dark textures that come alive are unmerciful, vicious and make you pause and question. Axkan pushes open the caged doors of madness to a whole new level for experimental techno.

This EP will be available digital only and pushes the limits of modern industrial techno music.




“Occult Rhythms invites… #033”


Kaylah’s “Vision Is Clear EP” w/ Brecc remix on Helrad Limited
Axkan’s “Torment EP” on Omen Recordings


Buy Digital:
Omen Recordings @ Bandcamp
more soon


Omen Recordings


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