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Peryl … a live act and producer like no other. Intense, dark, rough and driving,



Hi Dennis. Nice to meet you virtually for this small interview. Let‘s start at the very beginning. Where were you born and grew up? What kind of music did you enjoy in your teenager years?
Thanks for having me, it’s always a pleasure to work with you and the novafuture blog.

I was born and raised in a smaller city near Tübingen in South Germany.

When i was four years old i started playing drums and created my own style of punk/metal music. Later my two siblings influenced me into the punk scene. At a young age i already started to visit some festivals and concerts.


Peryl 1
(Peryl, performing)

Assuming that you cannot live from the earnings you get with music, what’s your profession? Or do you study (what?)? What are your spare time activities/hobbies/interests beside making music?
I’m working as a event technician so its kinda familiar with the clubbing scene. I’m spending a lot of time with my friends cause this is a really important thing for myself and of course my music.

Peryl 2
(Peryl, promo pic)

You have 3 EPs out on Codec992, Schizophrenia Crew (now Antagonist Field) and Lebendig. How do you select the labels for your stuff? Are your tracks nearly finished and then got signed by the labels or do you produce on request? If they sign existing tracks are these tracks some kind of demos where some changes are needed or finished ones? Are labels nowadays really necessary to release own stuff digitally? What is the role of a label now – what’s the advantage released on labels instead of doing it yourself?
I always have a bunch of tracks to go. Sometimes i produce on request so i can create an exact mix between my style and the label himself. I think a track is never completely finished. You can always make the track better or change some things on it. I do not think that you need a label to bring your stuff to the audience.

If u have a label to release your work you definitely can reach more people but for me the important thing is to reach the right people. It doesn’t matter how much, it depends on who and why.


(full stream of Peryl’ “Du & Ich” taken from “Lust EP” on Antagonist Field)

Let‘s go deeper into your production process. Where does your inspiration for a new piece of music come from? How do you start to work on a new track? What are the next steps til your track is finished? You use vocals in some of your tracks. Where do you find the samples or singers?
My inspiration comes from listening to a track, trying to get into the producer’s mind, but ultimately not getting what he wants to say. It sound strange but that’s the actual thing that gives me the punch to create something new.

For me the leading thing of a production is to bring over a message. A message with which the listener can do whatever he wants. Every track from myself has a different effect to every single person so everyone can create his own picture of it.

I generally start with an idea that I have recorded on my iphone, and try to implement it as well as possible. In most cases the finished product is no longer comparable to the idea I had at the beginning. All vocals I used In my own productions are self-recordings. Except the LOVE IS JUST A WORD project. These vocals are made by a very talented girl from Stuttgart called LENA BEE.

The track with luca was a very spontaneous one. I posted a melodic idea I had on my instagram and he instantly texted me that I should send it to him, he wanted to sing over it. I thought yeah it could be nice with some german wave vocals and its also a good thing to create a mixture between my perspective of ,,wave’’ and his special part for it. I love him, he’s my favourite secco-boy!


Peryl 3
(Peryl, promo pic)

Your music style is a mixture of EBM-ish tunes and techno. What is your personal connection with EBM and Industrial music – music that is based in the 70ies and 80ies with strong comeback in the last months?
For me it’s the perfect mix between the roughness of punk and techno. I’m really into music that isn’t well known. For me music doesn’t have to be big or famous. It has to be understandable.

(full stream of Peryl’ “Restrained Devotion” from ISMVA001.1)

You come from the southern Germany. Could you please give us a short overview how you see the scene there? Where do you go for party etc?
The main techno scene is really hyped there at the moment but for me I cant really cope with the popular scene. When I go for party I mostly go to LEHMANN CLUB or visit the BASISLAGER events in Stuttgart. Hopefully ill be back in Stuttgart soon but for now I will focus on my start here in Berlin.

( video for Peryl’s “Insurgence” taken from LBNG00.03)

You already played live e.g. at Synoid / Griessmühle. How do you prepare the sets on the technical side and also personally?
I didn’t prepared any special things for this gig, because I knew that the audience was really open minded and ready for everything. I really enjoyed it there and I can say that I’ll be back in berlin very soon!

(snippet “Dein Wahres Gesicht” by Peryl feat. Luca Gillian’ taken from LBNG00.03)

Please name 5 techno and 5 EBM records that are essential for you and tell us why.
We have so much good music out there and I can’t decide witch ones speaks to me the most but here are three of my all time favs at the moment.

01. Limelight Roles by Habits Of Hate
02. Variant by These Hidden Hands feat. Lucrecia Dalt
03. Die Konsequenz ist Logisch by Rosa Nebel


( video for “Die Konsequenz ist Logisch” by Rosa Nebel)

You are a young guy, a digital native so please let us know what you think about the twist between analog fetischist and modern DJ using digital technology.
ANALOG is the opposite of ANA sagte die Wahrheit!

(full stream of Peryl’ “Molotov Brutality” taken from LBNG00.06)

Yes we are already at the end of the interview. So please share your future plans with us! What’s coming next?
I don’t want to say to much but there are big pans for the future!

I have a side project which is called “FEIND” for some Noise/Experimental stuff.

Hopefully I’ll have some free time in 2020 for some productions or maybe some performances. I’m also looking forward to my lebendig-family, we had a really nice year together and we don’t stop!

Let’s see what the other half of the year will bring over.


Peryl’s “Rebellion EP” on Lebendig
Peryl’s “Dagegen EP” on Lebendig
Peryl’s “White Tight Space” on South London Analogue Material
Peryl’s self-released “She Said It’s Enough EP”
Peryl’s “Lust EP” on Antagonist Field
Peryl’s “Not Yours EP” on Codec 992
compilation “ISMVA001.1” w/ Peryl track on Ismus
compilation “Various Artists II” w/ Peryl track on RND. Records


Exclusive Live Set:


Tracklist of Exclusive Mix:
this is a live set recording during one of Peryl’s gigs


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