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Transition To Another Place


NovaFuture Recordings




Release Date:
12th August 2019




Non Reversible

Repressed Mind


Christian Gerlach
Your Inherent Beauty


Press Info:
Finally, NovaFuture Recordings’ first vinyl release is just around the corner! The label run by Jürgen Mayer, founder of NovaFuture Blog, started out earlier this year with digital releases by Non Reversible and Repressed Mind, both artist with close ties to NovaFuture Blog.

The first vinyl mini compilation will feature NovaFuture Recordings’ previous digital releases, alongside two new tracks by Anselm and Christian Gerlach.

Non Reversible’s “UVCeti” was a hypnotic, distorted, and deep techno cut, while Repressed Mind presented a more aggressive, atmospheric, almost trance-like sound with “Disillusioned”.

“RAVE3000” by Anselm is, as the name suggests, a tough, jacking, and ravy Techno track, combining the energy of classic rave rhythms with modern sounds and a faster pace. Anselm might be familiar to heads as the founder of Unequal Records and former resident of the VOID party at Tanzhaus West in Frankfurt am Main, a cornerstone of Anselm’s career before his move to Berlin. NovaFuture Blog had the pleasure of premiering many of his tracks – now, his first release in over two years will be on the blog’s label.

Christian Gerlach, Berlin based DJ and producer, contributes the fourth track of the compilation, after having released on labels like Oktave Records, Arts, and, of course, his own label Lanthan.Audio, which he previously showcased in his DJ mix for NovaFuture Blog. The pad-heavy arrangement, understated, rhythmically diverse kicks, and metallic sounds of “Your Inherent Beauty” bring this compilation to a satisfying closure.

— Text by Felix Ansmann —


Full Track Streaming:


Non Reversible – “Reclaim Your City 338”

Repressed Mind – “.defaultbox Podcast 038”

Anselm – “NovaFuture Blog Mix October 2016”

Christian Gerlach – “Oktave Records Podcast 006”


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