02nd August 2019: Entropie #16 @ Suicide Circus, Berlin (Germany)




Entropie #16


Date & Time:
02nd August 2019 at 11:59pm


Lewis Fautzi
Samuli Kemppi

Asem Shama
CEO Of NovaFuture
Discoschulle b2b Miami Rolfe
Anna Schreit


Suicide Circus, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
tba EUR


Press Info:
Entropie- the measure of disorder in the system.

Established to break up social structures and against social forces Entropie is the medium for Techno in his raw form. In a world full of rules and prohibitions the darkness is the only place where we can escape from reality. Known for its dynamic atmosphere Entropie stands for a clear, rough & uncompromising sound.

For the sixteens edition of the Entropie events, Lewis Fautzi will be headlining the Club Floor. If his sound could be materialized, it would look something like this: The gleam of cosmic light reflects on polished surfaces, which sometimes trace long smooth curves, other times end in edges, outlining a powerful machine piercing a path between the gravitational pull of a black hole, and the attraction of the brightness of a newly-born star.
Lewis has in his log, 2 EP´s on Len Faki´s Figure, 2 works on Oscar Mulero´s Pole Groupwith, a collab with Pär Grindvik on his “baby” Faut Section.At the same label where we get an Oscar Mulero EP with 2 Lewis Fautzi remixes. Crucially, he put out a 2nd album on Soma, “Space Exploration”, a conceptual work, as personal as it feels alien, where he displays his unsatiable thirst for musical knowledge and exploration, by broadening his horizons towards more ambient and experimental sound forms. He´s also provided interstellar tourism experiences, both as a DJ or as a live-act, at dancefloors like Tresor, Gare Porto, Lux Frágil and the “final frontier”, Berghain, amongst many other notable spaces.

As the second headliner for the Club Floor we invited Samuli Kemppi. He is a Helsinki-based producer, dj, radio host and a label owner. The techno afcionado with over 30 releases, numerous remixes and gigs from Buenos Aires to Shanghai, Samuli is one of the best known techno exports from Finland. Kemppi’s musical style draws from the deeper frequencies of techno and experimental music.

To have a proper techno night at the Club Floor, two of our residents will also perform. Albety, one of our residents, is a Berlin based Dj and Producer and also one of the organizer of the Entropie events. He is known for his nice selection of tracks and his mixing skills. Let’s welcome the new face in the Entropie family. Prideman. He will play the opening set at the Club Floor.ONLY VINYL!!! If you hear next time, Prideman, you can looking forward to a powerful vinyl performance.

At the Open Air Floor some groovy House Beats and Disco Beats and other Styles will make your body to move.

Asem Shama will perform the an extended closing set. Since the beginning of the 90’s Asem can be considered as one of the pioneers of electronic music in Germany. He co-founded the label Sportclub focused on a rather minimalistic style of techno.In 2013 Asem released his 1st Artist Album „MNDCTRL“ which marked a new meridian in his production skills and musical variety.

CEO of NovaFuture, known for running the well-established NovaFuture Blog, is kicking off NovaFuture Recordings. He will mix some groovy Depeche Mode beats. So if you love Depeche Mode you will love his performance.

Our two friends of the Resonanz Crew, Discoschulle and Miami Rolfe will play a B2B session. By the way, Miami Rolfe is the founder of the Resonanz events and Discoschulle the booker.

Last but not least we would like to introduce you to Anna Schreit. She will play the opening set at the OpenAir Floor. She started DJing to share the tracks she has collected and built up throughout the years and to create experiences and journeys within her sets.

Looking forward to see new and familiar faces

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Resident Advisor


Lewis Fautzi – “NEOPOP Electronic Music Festival August 2018”

Samuli Kemppi – “Newtype Rhythms #84”

Alberty – “.defaultbox Podcast 028”

Prideman – “Vinyl Techno Mix oo2”

Asem Shama – “Griessmühle – Modus – 21.2.2019”

CEO Of NovaFuture – “45 Minutes Of Techno”

Anna Schreit – “Esperanza”

Discoschulle aka Skipio – “Fuckin’ Funkin’ Disco Mix”


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Suicide Circus


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