out now: Non Reversible – UVCeti [NovaFuture Recordings]


Non Reversible




NovaFuture Recordings




Release Date:
15th March 2019






Press Info:
After ten years of playing with the idea of starting his own label, planning and preparing, the time finally felt right: Jürgen Mayer, known for running the well-established NovaFuture Blog, is kicking off NovaFuture Recordings. Building on his experience from working for labels such as Mute Germany, Ibadan Records, Mote-Evolver and Calyx Records and from co-running the Escapism label, NovaFuture Recordings will act as an extension of the NovaFuture Group.

Via digital releases of single tracks, NovaFuture Recordings will showcase the artists featured on the blog, providing a platform for new talent as well as putting out new music by established artists. Rather than representing a particular sound, the labels curation will reflect Jürgen’s diverse taste, refined through years of music-fandom and close involvement with the electronic music scene.

Each four digitally released tracks will be compiled and re-released as strictly limited collector vinyl.

For its first release, NovaFuture Recordings is happy to present the track “UVCeti” by Berlin’s Non Reversible. Through numerous previous releases on EarToGround, Apotek, Knotweed, Bipolar Disorder and many more, Non Reversible created his own brand of deep, uncompromising Techno. With UVCeti, he delivers a sparsely arranged, effective and straight forward Techno cut, driven by a distorted, boomy kick and a hypnotic lead synth line. The droning second synth and ambient layers create a melancholic, dark mood, characteristic to his productions.To keep up with our releases, check website http://www.novafuture-recordings.com, more to come soon!


Full Track Streaming:


“Oecus Podcast 134”


Non Reversible’s “Open Cluster” on EarToGround Records
Non Reversible’s “Spectral Irradiance EP” on Anaøh
Non Reversible’s “Confusional State EP” on Knotweed Records
Non Reversible’s “Convergent Boundary EP” on Knotweed Records


Buy Digital:
NovaFuture Recordings @ Bandcamp




Non Reversible
NovaFuture Recordings


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