27th January 2019: Seelen.Labelnight @ ://about blank, Berlin (Germany)


Seelen. Labelnight – 1st Anniversary


Date & Time:
27th January 2019 at 10:00pm


Inhalt Der Nacht


://about blank, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
tba EUR


Press Info:
We are back at ://about blank to celebrate the 1st anniversary of SEELEN. This Party will be part II of our 1st anniversary weekender.

Two Facts :

Punk is a music genre that developed in the mid-1970s widely known through it’s production style of fast-paced songs, with hard-edged melodies and stripped-down instrumentation paired with an embrace of DIY-culture and the rejection of established rules.

SEELEN. is an independent Techno record label founded in 2018 by JANEIN and Stigmatique, that is based out of Leipzig, Germany.

While at first glance these might not have a lot in common, upon closer inspection you begin to notice, clear as day, there is a distinctly punk mentality in the labels modus operandi. From their cover artworks, that have more in common with a record-stores Death Metal section, to the fact that the label is completely self-distributed to avoid the industry machinery that crushes the spirits of many trying to go through it.

SEELEN.’s musical foundation can no doubt be found in this mentality as well. Formed around a tightly knit crew of artists sharing a single vision, it has sharp corners, an often eye-melting tempo and bleeds from every pore with ecstatic raving madness. Utilizing this, the label exploded onto the scene with two 12” compilations that garnered enormous support from audiences and industry heavy weights alike and also led to them being noticed by Leipzig’s reveled club Institut fuer Zukunft, MMA – Mixed Munich Arts or objekt klein a.

If reading all this has not convinced you yet however, then that’s fine though.

Because SEELEN. is not trying to win you over.

SEELEN. comes from the hearts of the people who form it.
It is a rejection of the mainstream.

SEELEN. is Punk.

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Resident Advisor


Fiedel – “Music & Interview [NovaFuture Blog Exclusive Mix]”

Narciss – “Synoid Research Podcast 010”

Shaleen – “@ Artheater Cologne | 24.03.2017”

Verschwender – “Basislager Podcast 005”

Stigmatique – “Synoid Research Podcast 015”

JANEIN – “Oecus Podcast 096”

Inhalt der Nacht – “Nachtaufnahmen – Episode 1 – Haut an Haut”


Stigmatique – “Unholy Discription”

Verschwender & Narciss – “Lebwohl”

Inhalt Der Nacht – “Deine Aura”

Janein – “Apollo”

Fiedel – “No Distance”


Sampler “Artcub Records 003” w/JANEIN Track on Artcub Records
EP “Stadt ohne Namen” by Narciss on Drvms Ltd.
EP “Selection 002” by Verschwender on Voxnox Records
EP “Substance B” by Fiedel on Ostgut Ton
all stuff on Lebendig
all stuff on Seelen. Records


Seelen. Labelnight
://about blank


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