[Mix]: Echoes Of October – NovaFuture Blog Mix December 2018


Echoes Of October


1982 isnʼt just a classic tune by Miss Kittin & The Hacker. It is also the year when a boy with german/croation parents have seen his first sunbeams in an area which is known as the industrial center of Germany. Benjamin Schöneis alias Echoes Of October (& “Eiskalt“ as well) spent his youth in Essen, near Colognea This place was the departure of a long cultural & musical path with stops as frontman or lead guitar of several Hardcore & Metal bands or later under a few artist aliases as producer and DJ in multiple genres of electronic music.

Quite recently Ben moved to Berlin to intensify his work and look for new horizons & challenges. Echoes of October believes in ability to feature powerful EBM & Techno. His passion for a unique sound throughout his well-constructed productions. Echoes Of October contributes to the electronic scene together with his partner in crime Inhalt Der Nacht through their label Lebendiga His latest EP with IDN „Die Dritte Defension“ is the best reflection to his music ideology. One of Echoes of Octoberʼs main goals is to create his own electric and mesmerizing rave vibes through his own interpretation on different life events that he experienced.


Listen & Download:
NovaFuture Blog Mix December 2018


01. Furfriend – Geck (2XNI in a Hole Mix)
02. Hakko – Smartfuck
03. Basswell – Bitch
04. Nur Jaber – If only (Dax J Remix)
05. Alloy Mental – Fire (Chris Liebing Remix)
06. Dustryard – Rad Ancesters
07. Peryl – Restrained Devotion
08. Ayahuasca – Harsh Rhythm
09. Trym – Source Message (Rezystor Remix)
10. Andreas Kremer – Machine Rampage (Kay D Smith Remix)
11. Parallx – Red Clouds (Somewhen Falling Ashes Mix)
12. Schacke – Met Her At The Herrensauna (DJ IBON Remix)
13. Silent Signals – Waiting For Reaction


“Die Dritte Defension EP” by Inhalt Der Nacht & Echoes Of October
“Fleischleben EP” by Inhalt Der Nacht & Echoes Of October


Raw Agency for Echoes Of October


Echoes Of October


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