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Teenage Arab


No Me No Mine EP


Not For Fun Records




Release Date:
09th September 2018




Ghosts Beak

No Me No Mine


Press Info:
Operating out of Moscow, Teenage Arab is the musical project of SILA and Zichy, two longtime contributors of the local underground rock scene, both actively engaged since the turn of the new millennium. Inspired by the Russian rave revival going on around 2010, Sila and Zichy started experimenting new musical forms, melding the genre-clashing possibilities offered by software-controlled engineering with a strong and playful punk attitude that has 1977 written all over it. Their first offering, a two-track EP titled ‘No Me No Mine‘, drops via Not For Fun records.

The title-track – a mesmeric downtempo drift blending the anxiogenic neo-folk pulse of Death In June with oriental synth tapestries reminiscent of Jon Hassell’s ‘Blues Nile‘ masterpiece – comes illustrated with a very special, politically charged video courtesy of director Danila Gulin, shot during a large-scale anti Putin protest on 5th May 2018 in Moscow.

The film makes for a blunt depiction of police and military violence – from endless lines of armoured forces menacingly cordonning off the zone to frightened faces trying to escape the brutality of the truncheon – with the slow motion adding a touch of timeless, near mythologic force to the tacit discourse behind the initial video concept.


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“No Me No Mine”


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