out now: VII Circle | Memorial Home – Split EP (Remixes) [Rapid Eye Movement]


VII Circle | Memorial Home


Split EP (Remixes)


Rapid Eye Movement




Release Date:
12th October 2018 (vinyl)
29th October 2018 (digital)


vinyl & digital


VII Circle
Metaphysical Functions
(Nur Jaber Remix)

VII Circle
(Wrong Assessment Remix)

Memorial Home
Second Floor
(Edit Select Remix)

Memorial Home
(Reggy Van Oers Remix)


Press Info:
Nur Jaber, Wrong Assessment, Edit Select & Reggy Van Oers remix Rapid Eye Movement label cofounders VII Circle and Memorial Home’s ‘Split EP’ from earlier this year.

Launched last year, the Spanish label has released music by Kas:st, Phara & Border One and Manent on various artist packages, not to mention remixes from Farrago, Keith Carnal and AWB. Rapid Eye Movement now invites four techno stalwarts to remix tracks from VII Circle and Memorial Home’s ‘Split EP’, including Staub resident and OSF producer Nur Jaber, Clergy and Planet Rhythm’s Wrong Assessment, Soma artist Edit Select and Affin regular Reggy Van Oers. With this the label confirms that quality and free-minded artistry are the key pillars of the platform’s curation philosophy.

First up, Nur Jaber delivers trance-inducing modulations and esoteric atmospheres through uplifting leadlines and euphoric 303 synth sounds in her remix of ‘Metaphysical Functions’. Wrong Assessment provides a tougher four to the floor techno rendition of ‘Dogma’ – filled with emphatic drums and captivating, fastpitched shrills soaring over.

Edit Select then provides an enchanting ambience in his remix of ‘Second Floor’, through angelic melodies and undulating emotiveness neatly layered over the polished drum loop. Lastly Reggy Van Oers maintains the inspiriting mood with esoteric, experimental sound design in his rehash of ‘Ampere’, balancing compelling, reverberating percussion with heavenly elements giving it an overall hypnotic effect.




Full Track Streaming:
VII Circle – “Metaphysicial Functions (Nur Jaber Remix)”

Memorial Home – “Second Floor (Edit Select Remix)”


VII Circle – “RVV Podcast 015”

Memorial Home – “Form and Function Podcast 003”


split EP by VII Circle | Memorial Home on Rapid Eye Movement
sampler “REM003” on Rapid Eye Movement
Memorial Home’s “Somewhere EP” on Rapid Eye Movement
VII Circle’s “Archetype EP” on Rapid Eye Movement


Buy Vinyl:
Red Eye Records
more soon


Buy Digital:


Memorial Home
VII Circle
Rapid Eye Movement


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