[DJ Set]: Mark Groot – Recorded At Shelter Amsterdam 23rd June 2018


Mark Groot


Mark Groot is a producer and artist from the Netherlands. This young and talented man quit law school and dedicated his life to only one thing; his Music.

He followed a course on SAE (Audio Engineering school) and graduated with honors. Besides his work as a producer and DJ he works at Delsin Records, where he takes care of the vinyl shop.

His music is flowy; sometimes even sort of hypnotizing but direct hitting. In his tracks as well as his sets you can hear that Mark likes to play with different moods. Catch people with dynamic and tense music and after that get them back on the ground. This skill together with his open minded and friendly personality makes him Mark Groot.

Mark Groot in short is a positive, passionate and very driven person with a clear goal in his head. Read more about him in our interview from June 2017.

Here is the recording of his opening set at Shelter Amsterdam in June 2018.




self-released EP “IC149”
self-released EP “Matter Of Time”
self-released EP “Never Try Never Know”
self-released EP “DE.LETE”
self-released EP “Influence”


Mark Groot


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