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Kevin de Vries


Kevin de Vries is a young and coming Producer based in Berlin, Germany.

Showing his very own trance inspired techno sound with his first EP called “A Journey Through Life” released on Complexed Records in 2015, he gained the support from the biggest Players in the Scene. Names like Adam Beyer, Richie Hawtin and many more started to support him.

With his Tracks “Eternity”, released on Adam Beyer’s renowned Drumcode Label, and “Time Traveller”, which was one of the most played tracks by no one else than Sven Väth in that Season, he had a successful year in 2016 and got signed by the well-known agency Blakksheep, where he joined the rooster alongside Sam Paganini, Johannes Hel, Sasha Carassi and others.

In 2017 Kevin started to play international shows including Festivals like Extrema Outdoor, Nature One, Winterworld but also played in clubs like Watergate, Borderline, Gewölbe, Studio Club, Melkweg or Sisyphos to name a few.

With a Remix by dutch legend Secret Cinema on his latest EP “Infinity” on Unrilis, a collaboration with Suara’s Coyu, Kevin’s future looks very promising.

His latest EP “Cataract” with Weska on Odd Recordings was supported by the biggest names from Adam Beyer to Pan-Pot, charted into the Top 20 and is still comfortable in the Beatport Top 100 few weeks after it’s release.

In February 2018 Kevin will be featured on one of the most respected Mix-CD’s out there. The italian masters Tale of Us included his Track “Path To Immortality” for their fabric 97 mix and continued their support after Kevin’s Tracks became a regular part of their set’s.


Video by Nikolozka:


Listen on SC & Download:
“NovaFuture Blog Visual Mix 005”


01. Pisetzky – Vahana
02. The Ancient Memories – No Regrets
03. Pisetzky – Bakwas
04. Jon Hester – Cypher
05. Deas – Monotheism
06. Yan Cook – Sand
07. Blicz – Hydra
08. Bastinov – Paradox
09. Ilija Djokovic – Nebula
10. Deas – Paranoia
11. Kevin de Vries – Meraki
12. Kevin de Vries – Fanaa


Kevin De Vries’ EP “Out Of Mind” on Complexed Records
Kevin De Vries’ EP “Time Traveler” on Extrasolar Records
Kevin De Vries’ EP “We Are All Prisoners” on Advanced
Kevin De Vries’ EP “Platon” on Arts Digital


Neptune Music for Kevin De Vries


Kevin De Vries


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