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Emanuel De Vayrac


Emanuel De Vayrac is the the right person to take us on a trippy, hypnotizing and spaced out journey along his long musical experiences.

Organising in Hamburgs mid-nineties illegal open air raves and techno parties in the notorious Rote Flora, he first started producing and djing ambient/experimental sounds. After some musical stopovers (like in glamy synthpop) he found his home in drifty but sophisticated Techno.

The Goethe Institut invited him in 2007 as Berlin’s representative underground DJ to play in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Other international bookings brought him e.g. to Tokyo, Toronto, Moscow and Yekaterinburg.

In between he visited the class of soundartist Michaela Melián at art university HfBK and worked as a lawyer in film companies. After suspending the work as a lawyer in favour of music, Emanuel started a one-year-residency at the House club Chalet but quickly turned towards Techno-hot-spots like Griessmuehle, Sisyphos, Humboldthain, Tresor or the Fusion Festival.

His Habitus parties, inviting artists like Hector Oaks, Keith Carnal, Dadub, Arnaud Le Texier, Nikita Zabelin, The Transhumans, Deepbass, Joachim Spieth, Głós, Manuel Münster, Christian Gerlach or RVDS were for several years


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“NovaFuture Blog Visual Mix 004”


01. TGV Arrival at Besançon Station, Sept, 6th, 2016
02. Głos – Heptagons
03. Abul Mogard – Slate-Coloured Storm
04. Tim Hecker – Scene From A French Zoo
05. Avatism – Hessdalen
06. Christian Renou – Ex-Voto (Wire-FM Mix)
07. Tarwater – N´existe Pas
08. Sigha – Remembrance
09. DJ Spooky – The Terran Invasion Of Alpha Centauri 2794
10. Alec Empire – 37.2 Pt.2
11. Beat Pharmacy – Sunday
12. Cio D´or – Organza (Samuli Kemppi Remix)
13. Klaus Schulze – Zeitgeist (Zeit)
14. Aion (aka Edoardo) – Intro (Etereal)
15. Alva Noto – T3 (for Dieter Rams)
16. Delia Derbyshire & Barry Bermange – The Dreams, 4: Sea
17. Encre – Plexus
18. Harmonious Thelonious – I Found A New Way Of Loving You
19. Autechre – Overand
20. Biosphere – The things I tell you
21. Nene Hatun – Yakup
22. Coh – Mort aux vaches (ca min. 30-33 from 38 min)
23. Eomac – Untitled Unreleased Track
24. Joachim Spieth – Candela
25. Emanuel De Vayrac – Anicca
26. Mark Hollis – A life (1895 – 1915)
27. Alva Noto – Interim (for Dieter Rams)
28. Fhom – Alice avait raison
29. Chas Smith – False Security Of Numbers
30. Roman Flügel – Fantasy
31. TGV Door shutting, Sept. 6th 2016, between Frankfurt and Avignon


Emanuel De Vayrac


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