25th November 2017: 3 Years Oscillate @ ://about blank, Berlin (Germany)




3 Years Oscillate


Dates & Time:
25th November 2017 at 11:59pm


://about blank, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:


Anastasia Kristensen
Benjamin Damage
Kate Miller
Lola Luc
Modular Gang
Shanti Celeste
Skudge live


Press Info:
Looking back over the last 3 years from humble beginnings to 24-hour-long feasts of musical delights amongst friends, ravers and music-heads alike. From sun-soaked garden discos through thumping techno nights to electro/house-infused mornings. We are so grateful for every step of the way and want to celebrate with you, the people who make this possible. In the lobby residents Kate Miller and Lola Luc will join rising star Ramzi and Bristol’s electro / house eminence Shanti Celeste. While on the MDF one of our first ever guests Benjamin Damage returns, with a release on R&S, ‘Montreal’, plus a live performance from Swedish analog duo Skudge, and the uncompromising selections of Tigerhead. In the tent, Rachel Lyn will premiere her new collective: Modular Gang, performing a 7 hour live-modular-synth-powered exploration of sound. With Alex the Fairy, Halosaur, girlboy (Rachel Lyn + #2244), Suden and Volruptus (bbbbbb / трип) on the controls, broadcasting live, all night long, with the help of our friends from Cashmere Radio. Come with us on a journey through rhythm and sound. To celebrate Oscillate’s 3rd Birthday.

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Anastasia Kristensen – “Boiler Room Berlin DJ Set”

Benjamin Damage – “Solid Steel Radio Show 4/12/2015 Hour 2”

Kate Miller – “Oscillate Podcast N°24 ”

Lola Luc – “Oscillate Podcast N°21”

RAMZi – “FACT mix 606”

Shanti Celeste – “RA.431 ”

Skudge – “#SlamRadio – 201”

Tigerhead – “Oscillate Podcast N°23”


Apelago for Anastasia Kristensen
LittleBig for Benjamin Damage
Figure Third for Kate Miller
Odd Fantastic Agency for RAMZi
Paramount Artists for Skudge
Killekill for Tigerhead


://about blank


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