[Mix]: Trivmph – NovaFuture Blog Mix November 2017




Straight. Raw. Relentless.

Trivmph extracts the roots of techno music. Forming an own interpretation through experiencing the vibe of detroit and berlin as the cities where it all happened.
With the event series “Fokus” and his release on Ressort Imprint, Trivmph shows that he has his own and very clear idea of techno.

Defining techno as a statement from the future.


Listen & Download:
NovaFuture Blog Mix November 2017


01. Polar Inertia – Vertical Ice
02. Rod – Pull
03. Artefakt – Lichtspiel
04. Boston 168 – Orbit
05. Voiski – From Sea to Sea
06. Anetha – Drive with a Dead Girl (Spencer Parker Work Mix)
07. EQD – EQD#005B
08. Blawan – 993
09. Bleak – Rebirth
10. Developer – Chain Of Life
11. Laval – Spitshine
12. Ténèbre – Axe Nord-Sud


sampler “More Cuts On Loving Part I” w/ Trivmp track on Ressort Imprint




poto credit: Dennis Beutner

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