03rd November 2017: Entropie #12 @ Arena Club, Berlin (Germany)




Entropie #12


Date & Time:
03rd November 2017 at 11:59pm


Abstract Division


Arena Club, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
tba EUR


Press Info:
Entropie is understood to represent techno in it’s uncompromising form.

This time we’ve invited Abstract Division. It is a young and exciting collaboration between two veteran techno artists; Paul Boex and Dave Miller. Combining their love of and keen ear for techno that stands out from the gray majority, Abstract Division knows how to surprise, teach and get people dancing their faces off all at once. We ‘re looking forward to have them playing for our event in November.

Also on board, Los Angeles native Danny Astle, aka Template. He has been an underdog role player in the techno scene for the past few years. Representing a newly formed organization known as “Ruse” which contributes its own event series throughout various Southern California cities, as well as launching a label next year, keeping a primary focus on techno, while expressing diversity and versatility in the universal language of dance music. There’s no telling what tricks this man might have up his sleeves next. Really looking forward to this one!

To complement the night we’ve got three of our residents; Modularity, Alberty and Legat.

This will be the last party for 2017, so come around and enjoy with us a night full of quality music, visuals and legit people!

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Resident Advisor


Abstract Division – “@ By The Creek 2017”

Template – “Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 047”

Modularity – “Opening set @ Entropie #8”

Alberty – “d.Mount Podcast #7”

Legat – “Authentic Techno Sounds #002”


Abstract Division’s EP “Corrosive Min” on Lanthan.Audio
Abstract Division’s EP “Metropolis” on Dynamic Reflection
Abstract Division’s EP “Form And Function III” on Dynamic Reflection




Arena Club


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