01st September 2017: Stützpunkt #12 @ Humboldthain Club, Berlin (Germany)




Stützpunkt #12


Date & Time:
01st September 2017 at 11:00pm


Jeff Rushin
Background Radiation
Felix Tosend


Humboldthain Club, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:


Press Info:
For the second time this summer we hit Humboldthain Club to celebrate the second anniversary of Stützpunkt.

Very little is known about mysterious Amsterdam producer nthng, but those who have been enraptured by his hazy, emotive and driving productions have only touched the edge of a vast shrouded techno landscape. Inspired by the early days of techno and trance, before it became a dirty word, nthng’s sound blends a heady mix of murky, undulating, tectonic drum work alongside drifting, melodic synth lines that melt into the 6am sun. His latest releases have hit the scene hard and got amazing feedback from all corners. We are proud to have him with us this time.

Jeff Rushin
Amsterdam-based DJ, producer and promotor Jeff Rushin’s ongoing affair with electronic music began somewhere in the ‘90s. Whilst exploring the wide array of music on offer at that time, he stumbled upon techno and was sold ever since. By delving deeper and deeper into this newfound universe, techno quickly evolved from hobby to addiction and ended being a lifestyle. By experimenting with layers of sounds, loops and voices, Rushin injects a sense of depth, warmth and energy into both his productions and performances. We are looking forward to what he has in store for us.

For his whole life Onni has been passionate about music. Growing up in the 90’s he loved listening to Hip-Hop; hearing drums, rhythms, basslines, and deep lyrics. In the following years he wanted to be a contributor instead of just being a consumer. He made a move to become a DJ by widening his musical perspective. He started spinning at various clubs in Istanbul, being a regular at Istanbul’s infamous Kloster which closed last year. After moving to Berlin earlier this year he quickly set foot and played at clubs like KaterBlau or Chalet. We are looking forward to his debut with us.

Always a major highlight at our parties, Chami has become quite the talk of the town. The strong and determined vinyl only sets of our Moroccan resident have become an illustration of the Stützpunkt series, purely creating an exceptional atmosphere. This summer he played in Barcelona for Sonar Off-Week alongside some of the scene’s biggest names. Even earlier this year he has played his first closing set for us – one of the most special memories in two years of Stützpunkt. We are proud to have him as one of our cornerstones.

We are very excited to have the French trio Minijob with us again. The Oben floor is still shaking from their excessive 6 hour disco closing over a year ago. The guys who are based in Berlin have made quite a name of themselves, playing in many clubs around town and also throwing legendary open airs at different locations throughout the entire year. They will bring their broad selection of disco and house with them to once again play the Oben closing slot. Be prepared for another set of madness.

Background Radiation
We really couldn’t celebrate our anniversary without our most cherished duo Background Radiation. This once again highly anticipated DJ set will feature the golden pieces of their vinyl collection and you can be sure that they will present the right spirit at the right time. If you have been following us for a while you know that they will definitely not disappoint.

Kontrast is a young DJ from Berlin who has been a close friend of our series from the earliest days on. Finally it is time now for his debut at Humboldthain Club. His passion for techno has been developing for a very long time now as the Berlin native has been basically sitting at the source of all of it his entire life. We are very much looking forward to his set.

Felix Tosend
Felix Tosend is one half of Docmadeli who have played on our Oben floor twice in the past two years. This will be the first time that he will pay solo for us. He will do the Oben opening with a mix ranging from downbeat house all the way to cheesy vocal house. His sets are sure to bring joy and ecstasy to everyone present and we are happy that he will once again play some tunes for us.

We are excited to celebrate our second anniversary at our Wedding home base and are looking forward to seeing many familiar and unfamiliar faces. Bring it on!

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Resident Advisor


nthng – “Mega300”

Jeff Rushin – “Electric Deluxe Podcast 185”

ONNI – “@ Chalet Club, Berlin 15.06.2017”

Chami – “@ Stützpunkt, 20.01.2017, Arena Club”

Minijob – “Beat n Strobe #020”

Background Radiation – “NovaFuture Blog Mix February 2017”

Felix Tosend – “Bailamos Companeros”


split EP w/ Jeff Rushin tracks on Mote-Evolver
EP “A Figment Of His Imagination” by Jeff Rushin on Mote-Evolver
EP “Heinous Hedonist” by Background Radiation


Gloam for Jeff
Earth Agency for nthng


Humboldthain Club


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