[Mix]: Landwehr & Fleer – NovaFuture Blog Mix May 2017


Landwehr & Fleer


One could say that Jonas Landwehr & Felix Fleer are like day and night in a lot of aspects of both their personality and their approach to electronic music, but the two themself would for sure consider it more of a Yin-Yang dynamic. This is also the reason why they keep inspiring and reinventing each other for so many years now. It’s almost impossible not to notice the special dynamic of this unique bond between them both in their productions and b2b DJ-Sets. They entered the world of electronic music together at the age of 16 and when you see them behind the decks you immediately feel that they are not going to leave it again too soon.

When the first Landwehr & Fleer productions where released on Raw Imprint it didn’t take long for a lot of internationally acclaimed artists to notice and to ensure that the deeply melancholic bigroom anthems can be frequently heard at some of the most important nightclubs and festivals around Europe.


Listen & Download:
NovaFuture Blog Mix May 2017


not available


split EP “Exordium EP” w/ L&F tracks on Raw Imprint
sampler EP “Aurora” w/ 1 track by Landwehr & 1 by Fleer on Raw Imprint
sampler EP “Harangue ” w/ 1 track by Landwehr & 1 by Fleer on Raw Imprint


Raw Imprint


Jonas Landwehr
Felix Fleer
Raw Imprint


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