[Mix]: Background Radiation – NovaFuture Blog Mix February 2017


Background Radiation


Background Radiation was formed 3 years ago by Berlin based students Bilal and Anton. The DJ-Duo is well known for fusing stomping beats with melancholic synths and wrapping listeners in a cloud of eccentric melodies.

In 2015 they co-founded the Berlin party-series “Stützpunkt” and have since played at Tresor, Arena and Humboldthain Club.

After saving up enough money for a MS-20 synth, Background Radiation published “Heinous Hedonist”, an EP consisting of raw, gritty and dreamy sounds.

The best way to get to know Anton’s and Bilal’s vision of sound is to attend one of their uniquely composed live-sets.

Following is a podcast consisting of diverse rhythms while keeping a rather calm atmosphere.


Listen & Download:
NovaFuture Blog Mix February 2017


01. Killawatt – 1625
02. Darko Esser – Clean Slate (Lucy Remix)
03. Rrose – Waterfall (Birth)
04. Function – Psychic Warfare
05. Głós – Cut Throats
06. Inigo Kennedy ‎– Castles In The Air
07. Antigone ‎– Blue Note
08. Sinfol & Octual ‎– Gold Juno Sword
09. Sinfol ‎– Process Of The Thaw
10. Shlømo ‎– The Rapture
11. Amotik ‎– Solah
12. Wlderz ‎– Moments
13. Boston 168 ‎– Rise Again
14. Stenny ‎– Local Fields
15. DJ Metatron – State Of Me


self-released “Heinous Hedonist EP”


Background Radiation


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