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Discrete Circuit


About the concept:
Here is the third instalment of our series “abc plays xyz”.

The idea behind it is to ask some DJs/mixing artists if they have an artist or label in mind that they love and would like to use for a mix.

So the approach of each mix is clear: the choosen DJ/mixing artist makes a selection of tracks produced by one artist (and her/his monikers) or released on a label (and its sublabels) and creates a nice mix from it.

After Janne Tavi and Repressed Mind we have Discrete Circuit, who admits that it was a nice challenge to mix only tracks of one record label. We guess it doesn’t matter if the label has 10 releases like Modul which was the label Repressed Mind selected for his mix, or an output of 20 years like Blueprint, it will be always interesting to find the tracks matching to the one before and after following our rule.


About Discrete Circuit:
Discrete Circuit (aka Andreas Horn) has established himself as an integral part of Berlin’s techno scene with a mixture of intuitive drive and confident consistency. While as a DJ and producer he’s already regarded as the new emerging talents, the music enthusiast has been influencing the capitol’s electronic underground for several years as a label owner and his club series AWAY. Always having the dance floor and its energetic aura as a fixed point in mind, both his dynamic hypnotic tracks as well as versatile DJ sets benefit from his independent impetus.

Impressed by the straight, but trippy purism, DVS1 released Discrete Circuit’s very first track „Incursion“ on his sub-label Mistress Recordings that was voted as one of the top tracks in 2015 by numerous DJs. Even the readers of the prestigious Groove Magazine named Discrete Circuit one of the year’s newcomer. What the big room hymn already impressively indicated was continued by his debut EP „Machine Code“ on Delsin: Discrete Circuit embodies an uncompromising, progressive techno design; in the grand tradition of UK and Detroit Techno, embedded in Berlin’s present time sound aesthetics with its strong grooves, gripping patterns, and subtle melodies.

Born in the late 80s, through his first party experiences and illegal outdoor raves, he has been in touch with electronic music from an early age on. By witnessing a DJ set by Carl Cox the spark finally jumped over during the late nineties. From that point on mix-tapes by Jeff Mills as well as the passion for British machine-driven music from such figures like Surgeon, James Ruskin, or Dave Clarke shaped Discrete Circuit’s understanding of techno. Following his resolute determination, he not only gradually taught himself to produce and play music, but also founded the club series AWAY in 2012, his very own residency platform as well as the conceptual playground and escapist home base that also includes the vinyl label AWAY Music.

Discrete Circuit’s passion for nostalgia is no secret. For the Berlin-based artist, the past and present form a natural unity. That’s why his tracks resulting from hours-long jam sessions in the studio; a transparent process that reinforces his instinctive notion of timeless techno. With his latest releases, the „Redial EP“ on Mark Broom’s Beard Man label and „Gamma Decay“ für Darko Esser’s imprint Wolfskuil Records, he’s proving that functional techno can consist of depth, groove, and emotionality. Discrete Circuit is constantly looking for the charm of variety, but still following his very own path, driven by a clear vision that embodies his promising future.


About Blueprint:
Blueprint, founded by James Ruskin and Richard Polson in 1996 and relaunched 2009 by Ruskin, has been known for fast, uncompromising, raw Techno from the very start. In Andreas’ opinion, this label is defining English Techno more than anything else. With all the different people involved over the years like Planetary Assault Systems, Oliver Ho, Mark Broom, O/V/R etc., it shows its diversity as well as its consistency in the quality of music.


Listen & Download:
“Discrete Circuit plays Blueprint”


01. James Ruskin – Slit
02. Rommek – Solvent
03. Surgeon – Deep
04. Sigha – The Black House
05. Sigha – Desire
06. James Ruskin & Mark Broom – Hostage (Live Edit)
07. Outline – Encounter
08. Rumah & Progression – Candid
09. James Ruskin & Mark Broom – Black Lines
10. O/V/R – Post Traumatic Son (DVS1 Optimist Mix)
11. Tessela – Rub
12. Blawan – Passer By
13. Outline – First Contact
14. Sigha – I am Apathy, I am Submission
15. James Ruskin – Prelude
16. James Ruskin – After Dark
17. Oliver Ho – A1 (Awakening The Sentient PT.1)
18. Makaton – Coast To Coast
19. James Ruskin & DVS1 – Page 1
20. The 65D Mavericks – The Search
21. Fear Ratio – Lonor
22. James Ruskin – Fader


Discrete Circuit


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