25th November 2016: 3+2 by Oqko @ Urban Spree, Berlin (Germany)


3+2 by Oqko


Date & Time:
25th November 2016 at 11:00pm


Leibniz live
Smog live
Ridler live
Osday live
DEKJ live
Daisuke Ishida live
Lukas Grundmann live


Urban Spree, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:


Press Info:
[θriː plʌs tuː]

3+2 is the first operation in a series aiming at edifying bridges between sounds, going against today’s obtuse tendency towards concept solidification within scenes.

Pitching up in the over and underground of Berlin’s Urban Spree, the first edition features 7 live acts and 2 DJs running through the loose fringes of techno, experimental club music, electro, ambient and noise.

Terminal Operations boss spaceinvasion steps up to the closing spot with a patented mix of rough and ready electro.

Straight outta Leipzig and off the back of a standout Boiler Room, Uncanny Valley’s Leibniz. brings his live set to the table, taking in influences from the hardcore continuum and rugged house and techno.

One of two representatives of Berlin’s oqko collective on the night, Frenchman smog channels the belligerent power of hardcore techno into broken, cinematic soundscapes.

Huntleys + Palmers affiliate RIDLER busies himself desiging cyber punk audio hallucinations. He will be tasked with opening up the upstairs floor, bringing out the post club fire.

Daisuke Ishida is a Berlin based artist, working with sound and contemporary media. He is interested in the consequence of artistic praxis and theory in sound, space and perception. His multidisciplinary research interest encloses areas such as acoustics, architecture, auditory perception, computer music and other related fields.

In his installations and performances Lukas Grundmann explores relations between medium and message, signal and noise, temporality and sound. He presented works in the likes of Akademie der Künste Berlin, MMiFF Festival Ponta dol Sol, transmediale Berlin and WRO Biennale Wroclaw.

The second oqko artist of the evening, DEKJ functions as an ongoing project studying sound as the primary axis of actual dynamics, behaviour and instances. Considering the sonic and vibrational milieu as a representative for balance, transgression, violation, that also affects physical composition and the notion of structured spaces.

OSDAY is a Mexican duo formed by Nika Milano and Rodrigo de León. Working primarily with modular systems, their work is a depuration of the sonic landscape through ambient and drone excursions.

erikae is a Berlin based producer who debuted on oqko’s form_1 compilation. He considers sound synthesis and audio manipulation itself as his main source of inspiration: the medium becomes the aim.

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Event @ Resident Advisor


Live Sets & Mixes:
Spaceinvasion – “Dimensional Waves Podcast 02”

Leibniz – “shtum Mix #4”

Smog – “Live at Loophole, Berlin – 05.08.2016”

Osday – “Magda’s 1”

DEKJ – “Live at Kantine Am Berghain ”


Ridler – “Shader”

Smog – “G.zeh”

Daisuke Ishida – “Nagareni”

Lukas Grundmann – “Langsamer Wendepunkt”

Erikae – “Suburbia035”


Urban Spree


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