15th July 2016: Stützpunkt #06 @ Humboldthain Club, Berlin (Germany)




Stützpunkt #6


Date & Time:
15th July 2015 at 11:59pm


Boston 168 live
Background Radiation
Counter Movement


Humboldthain Club, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:


Press Info:
Stützpunkt is again taking over Humboldthain Club, this time with multiple gems waiting for you on this heated july night.

We are most happy to have Boston 168 for their Berlin debut at Stützpunkt. Shaking up the techno scene for a while now, their last couple of EPs, released on labels such as Attic Music or Odd Even, have brought up a new dawn of Acid Techno. Originally from the former Italian working class town Torino, their origins to this day are heavily influencing their sound and perspective on music. Sergio and Vincenzo perform analogue live sets, which unite powerful, raw percussion and playful, ravy, acid synths, while always revolutionizing their previous production. Their approach on music is unique as they research it in a very precise way, always looking for new ways to create sound itself. It was only a matter of time until they play here in Berlin for the first time and we are excited that it is with us.

After performing at various Stützpunkt parties and also being part of our podcast series, Chami has definitely become on of the cornerstones of our collective. Born and raised in Morocco, he has been djing in front of huge crowds before moving to Lyon, France and truly discovering his passion for techno there. Now based in Berlin, he is able to showcase his talent on the decks through his highly energetic mixes, a term which is often used to describe DJ-sets but couldn’t fit anyone better than Chami.

Also our residents Background Radiation will be playing another DJ-set after already performing two live sets at previous Stützpunkt parties. They are part of our main core and are surely always one of the highlights at our parties. They have just self-released their first EP after receiving great feedback for their first track which they also self-released almost a year ago.

Counter Movement are a young duo from Berlin who will be starting of this Stützpunkt with their broad gathering of techno vinyl. They have recently started the new project ‚Mandatory‘ with two close friends. Their style range is big, so you can be excited for what they will have in store for you.

Closing out the night will be ReVenant with a very special 90s techno set. His fast and electric style is described best in his own words – straight Detroit. We are very excited for his closing, as it is definitely going to still make you dance in the early hours.

For the OBEN-floor we invited friends from the city of Lyon for a smooth night of house music. The city is special to us as two of our residents are from this southeastern French town.

Byche is hard to characterize, his style reaches from experimental housy tunes, over cheesy disco all the way to acid house, but it always hot and spicy stuff. His mixes consisting of his huge vinyl collection are always able to surprise us. After playing at clubs all over Lyon and France we are very happy that he is finally playing at one of our parties.

Bringing to you the beauty of disco are Minijob. The french duo is also coming over to celebrate with us. They take the era of disco and put it together with house to create music which when it is playing is hard not to dance to. They have also played all over Lyon and showcased their groove there before now coming to play for us. We are sure that they will make your booties shake.

Our very own resident OP/H completes the Lyon-lineup with a special house-vinyl set. Usually he plays techno and makes you rave UNTEN but this time he will admit his love for house music by mixing his favorite tunes for you. As the French always like to put a bit of cheese on everything, OP/H is doing no different with his music. We are excited that this time he is showing his other site for you.

Join us for this edition of Stützpunkt as we are super excited for this one. Bring it on!

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Event @ Resident Advisor


Boston 168 – “Spectral Rebel Podcast #83”

Chami – “Dogmata III”

Background Radiation – “Live Set @ Stützpunkt, 05.02.2016, Humboldthain Club”

Counter Movement – “Podcast003”

ReVenant – “Classic 90’s Detroit Mix”

Byche – “uv-a light assisted undersea cruisin ”

Minijob – “Beat n Strobe #020”

OP/H – “102015”


Background Radiation’s self-released “Heinous Hedonist EP” EP


Sowhul District for Boston 168


Humboldthain Club


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