[Mix]: Głós – NovaFuture Blog Mix February 2016




As a Polish-born kid who grew up on Post-punk and spent his youth playing in various bands, who loves clubs and parties but who nevertheless has always been looking for more than what the plain reign of the four-four time has to offer, Głós (speak: ‘Gwos’) is a producer and live-artist who adores to make people dance with his unapologetic and hypnotic Techno. His handcrafted music stands for the pursuit and documentation of adelomorphous moments in diurnal nights, precious snippets that elsewise dissolve back into nothingness.

Hailing from Berlin, Głós’ music is known for connecting ‘yesterday’ and ‘tomorrow’ without leaving ‘today’ aside. Slowly pulsating, his music takes off as if resounding from a distance. It seems as if you’ve already left the club behind while the vibrant rhythms still linger in your mind. It’s the resurrection of a long gone sound whose echo is still alive on the streets, haunting you.

The guy is also partner of Ekserd running the label Ressort Imprint where both release(d) amazing stuff. The latest release of Głós was different – it was the ambient EP “Filling The Scars With Light” on the new born label Intimate Silence (owned by From Another Mind member Silent-One). So here is also a very special mix with ambient sounds containing some unreleased from labels like Ravage White Series & Sleeping Satellites.


01. Głós – Through Limbs & Wires (Excerpt)
02. Antti Ranisto – Numbers
03. Głós – Empathy Keeps Me From Sleeping
04. The Hundreds In The Hands – Keep It Low (Andy Stott Remix)
05. Stray Ghost – A Libertation Of Vision (Głós Edit)
06. Bersarin Quartett – Es Ist Alles Schon Gesagt
07. Bersarin Quartett – Jeder Gedanke Umsonst Gedacht
08. Bohren & Der Club Of Gore – Midnight Black Earth
09. Keadz – Ceremonial Dance Of The White Pygmy
10. Mas – Anata
11. Array Access – Mesh Entities
12. Głós – Protector
13. Antti Ranisto – Numbers (Reprise)


Listen & Download:
NovaFuture Blog Mix February 2016


“Filling The Scars With Light” on Intimate Silence
sampler “Hidden Variations Throwing Tongues” w/ Głós track and remix on Ressort Imprint
split EP “Four Cuts On Hurting” w/ tracks by Głós on Ressort Imprint


Outlined AM


Głós @ Facebook


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