[Special]: Competition for 1 Jahr Gravure


NovaFuture Blog and the promoters of Gravure are happy to give you the chance to win free tickets for the 1st anniversary of the party series on the 31st October 2015.

So we give away 2x 1 guestlist for this event (details see “Related Event”), sponsored by Gravure.

You just have to send us an email with the subject “1 Jahr Gravure”, the answer for the following question plus your details (first and last name, age) to blog -at- novafuture -dot- biz (deadline: 30th October at 2pm) … The winner will be selected by random (for sure she/he has to send in an answer for our question).

Question: What did you do one year ago?

Note: the data of the winners (like name, address, email, age etc) will be sent over to Gravure, so they can put them on the guestlist etc. The winner will only get the permission to enter the party – no hotel, no travel costs etc. In special cases the doormen can deny the access. Participants must be 18+


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