31st October 2015: 1 Jahr Gravure x Our Hobby is Different @ Griessmühle, Berlin (Germany)


Gravure x Our Hobby Is Different


1 Jahr Gravure x Our Hobby is Different


Date & Time:
31st October 2015 at 11:59pm


Line-up Our Hobby Is Different:
Ekman live
Hellboy live
Scott Young


Line-up Gravure:
Legat & Tham


Griessmühle, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:


Press Info:
A year is the longest period of time in our everyday use, but looking back to a past one shows you it’s running quite fast! Looking back to the first year of Gravure shows us a great support and some outstanding parties with truly amazing acts and lovely guests. The only way to celebrate this was finding in Our Hobby Is Different the best partner for an anniversary which will take place at Griessmühle for 24 hours.

While it was quite sure that Subjected, the guy behind the label Vault Series, will play at our anniversary as he was our first headliner ever, we found in Reeko a very special guest. His releases on Pole Group and his own label Mental Disorder are always described as deadly, killer, strong, droning and banging – attributes which got shown by our latest guests too. The night at the hall will get opened by Martha and closed by Acierate of course, both residents of Gravure.

At the same time it’s all about bouncing electro and punk techno at the Our Hobby Is Different floor. Ekman, who is also releasing on the most hyped electro label Berceuse Heroique, and Hellboy from Panzerkreuz will come up with two live sets, while Scott Young, Odscure and O.H.I.D. resident Bastus are taking care about the DJ sets.

During the day the O.H.I.D. floor get filled with a techno booking to fulfill the celebration of Gravure. Quer, who is managing Monolith Records, and the locals Opal, Legat & Tham won’t let the party stop until it got finished by a b2b session of all our residents together.

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Event @ Resident Advisor


Ekman – “Digital Tsunami 021”

Hellboy – “Live @ Bunkerfest 2014”

Scott Young – “JM Moser – Brown Rice #65”

Bastus – “-”

Reeko – “@Technokunst A38 Budapest 13.09.2014”

Subjected – “Analogen Podcast 12”

Acierate – “I”

Martha – “Livemitschnitt Tresor BHC New Faces 07.10.2015”

Quer – “Container Podcast”

Opal – “Techno Set 28.03.2015”

Legat – “Hörstutz Podcast #015”

Tham – “Autumnus”


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Our Hobby Is Different


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