[Live Set]: Robert Lippok – Live At Mutek Montreal 2014


Robert Lippok


Avant garde German visual artist and composer Robert Lippok has been an influential player in Berlin’s thriving experimental music scene from a very early age. In 1983, he cofounded dissident punk band Ornament und Verbrechen with his brother Ronald, inspired by industrial trailblazers Throbbing Gristle. An open platform to explore jazz, electronic, and industrial concepts with like minded collaborators of the East German underground persuasion, the group remained active until the mid 1990s, at which point it was overtaken by the brothers’ next and most well known collaboration, the palindromic To Rococo Rot. A significant postrock/electronic outfit started by the Lippok brethren and Düsseldorf bass guitarist Stefan Schneider, the Krautrockish band ushered in a new generation of electronic acts committed to acoustic investigations and improvisation of all stripes. Known for his expansive imagination, inventive rhythmic reflexes, and layers of fuzzy tones, Lippok’s solo work is just as wide ranging – from funky, glitch-y, twisted techno record Redsuperstructure for Raster Noton (2011), to stage design for operas, gallery exhibitions, and notable collaborations with Italian harpist Beatrice Martini, Canadian percussionist Debashis Sinha or brother Ronald and Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi (the latter trio as Whitetree). Lippok debuted his solo audiovisual work daytimeastronomy, based on his Redsuperstructure release, at MUTEK 2014.


“Live @ MUTEK Montreal 2014 – Opening MAC”


Robert Lippok
Mutek Montreal


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