[News]: Martin Gore – solo album? What means MGxMG?

Martin Gore – solo album?

News Text:
Depeche Mode member Martin L. Gore posted a strange info (or better no info) on Facebook yesterday. There was only the picture below and the tag “#MGxMG” …

Having the name VCMG in mind (VCMG = Vince Clarke + Martin Gore) the fans now expect an annnouncement of a solo album soon. We are really excited. Will it be a solo or another collaboration? Will it be an instrumental album? Techno? Will it be released on Mute?

More news soon as we have them.

Update Friday, 27th February: Today he posted another picture (see below). You can read some interesting things on these plates: “For Big Life Management” (Dave Bascombe’s Management, but in that case for the mixer Q), “Mastered by Stefan Bethke” (well-known as musician Pole), “Art direction and design by Martin Gore”.

Update Monday, 03rd March:
yes a new solo record is coming in April. Click here to read the news

Update Tuesday, 04th March:
Check out the album details here

Martin Gore
Martin Gore @ Faceboook

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