13th February 2015: Antime Label Night @ Urban Spree, Berlin (Germany)




Antime Labelnight | Berlin | 13.02.2015


Date & Time:
13th February 2015 at 10am


Spur live
Lola’s Bad live
Midimúm live
Abigail live
Konkrit DJ


Urban Spree, Berlin (Germany)


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It’s time to let that raging cat out of its bag and sink its paws in your faces: ANTIME is proud to announce the release of Spur’s debut album »Nowhereland«, set for a physical and digital release in February. Spur himself will stir up an ecstatic »dance of cultures« on Urban Spree’s floor to celebrate the occasion.

Spur will be joined by our favourite rioting grrrrl Lola’s Bad who comes all the way from Greece for one of her much talked about live shows. Or from L.A. Or London. Or from around the corner. We have no clue, really. We’re just glad she’ll be there!

ANTIME’s own Martin Steer (aka Midimúm) and label affiliated weirdo ABIGAIL will round off the evening with their highly energetic live performances which take cues from droning, polyrhythmic Techno (Steer) and jacking Acid sounds (ABIGAIL). Before, inbetween and after sets ANTIME’s communications officer konkrit will alternate between 35 and 45rpm, 70 and 14 bpm and -8 to +8%.

When young Spur first opened his mouth to emit something that would finally make sense to the world, it wasn’t a single word but a whole sentence. However, some twenty-something years later he prefers expressing himself through music. »Sometimes I really hate myself when I am talking – I’d rather say it with a chord or a progression of notes”, he says. Does he consider music to be an ersatz or maybe even a universal language? Not quite. »I see it as an extension of language.«

Lola’s Bad
Lola’s Bad is a Greek-born producer, songwriter, director, actress, filmmaker and former dancer/choreographer; a modern day auteur now based in L.A. via London. Her sound is a complex amalgam of Electro-Pop, R&B and Bass music, sometimes introvert and sometimes built for the dancefloor.

Martin Steer (aka Midimúm)
Martin Steer is the founder of the Berlin-based Electronica label ANTIME, guitarist in Frittenbude and sings in pandoras.box. His solo project (formerly called Midimúm) blends abstract, droning Techno with experimental guitar sounds in order to explore new utopias at the interface of analogue and digital means of production. Steer’s music is an ever evolving meeting place of futuristic sounds, dronescapes and sampled bits from the depths of the dark web surfing on noisy beats which occasionally give way to disembodied voices.

It’s time to finally fuck up the obsolete balls out discourse that’s been ruling the dancefloors once and for all, create an environment engendering horizontal and vertical individual experiences. ABIGAIL’s game for this kind of game as it’s ABIGAIL’s game. Sample aesthetics meet Acidic Techno. Come prepared.

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Spur – “Always Mess Around”

Lola’s Bad – “Catharsis”

Midimúm – “Purple Waves”

Abigail – “Elevator”

Konkrit – “Aquatronen, Lektrokution & taube Zungen”


Spur – “Dancing At A Corner”

Midimúm – “Junk Beach (Last Minute Version)”

Lola’s Bad – “Drown With Me”


Urban Spree


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