[News]: We collaborate with Elektrotribe label and interviewed Moog Conspiracy


NovaFuture Blog collaborate with Elektrotribe for tour diary + Interview with Moog Conspiracy


To celebrate 8th Birthday of the Elektrotribe label, they are kicking off a Europe tour, called Infinite, in cooperation with Diazprod Agency and NovaFuture Blog.

The main idea behind the tour is to promote quality techno, they put pressure on first class live-acts, headliners who are rather acclaimed producers than commercially promoted names, and a strong presence of our own acts, of course.

The name Infinite comes with extended, long DJ sets, VJ od 3D Mapping set up, and, when the location allows it, our specialty – smart techno live acts.

They want to put the emphasis on music again. They want the clubbing experience to be a bit more than just showing up to a fancy party and drinking overpriced drinks. It’s about getting lost in the music, it’s about experiencing something special and authentic.

They do it with passion and engagement, they do it with friends and only with the artists that truly inspire them. The tour is about sharing what drives them with the crowd.

It’s about true and deep love for techno music.

We will have selected sets recorded during this birthday tour. To kick off the collaboration between NovaFuture Blog and Elektrotribe, we did an interview with label head Moog Conspiracy. Read the interview here.


Moog Conspiracy
Infinite. tour at Facebook


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