[Special]: Kevin Paschold – A Video Selection


Artist (Music & Video):
Kevin Paschold


Kevin Paschold grew up in one of the most beautiful landscapes of Germany – Thuringia, in a small town called Sonneberg which is famous for toy making.

There he started with friends a project called “the29nov” – organising events and playing music. Later he moved to the creative melting point Berlin to start making videos for techno tracks with his schoolmate Sebastian Kökow.

So they became the very well-known duo “the29nov films” which is nowadays respected in the techno scene – from fans, artists and label owners.

Our special today shows you some music videos by the29nov films for tracks that were produced by Kevin Paschold himself.


“3 14 – 43 – 12”

“Zag Zig”

“Talking Nothing”

“Raving 93”



Kevin Paschold @ Soundcloud
the29nov films


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