[Mix]: Electrosexual – Long Live The New Flesh (exclusive NovaFuture Blog Mix)




01. Rollo – Tryptophan
02. Elax – Don’t Do It
03. Kikumoto – Jack The House
04. Mainx – 88 To Paino
05. KLF – 3AM Eternal (Guns Of Mu Mu)
06. Antoni Maiovvi – Ain Love Immortal
07. Dear Strange – Sweeter Than This (People Theatre Remix)
08. Lois Plugged – Acid Night
09. Electrosexual feat. Transformer Di Roboter – Devolution (Lois Plugged And Fruckie Remix)
10. Dexima – Can’t Deny
11. Jerome Sydenham feat. Katsuya Sano – Seed -2,25
12. Depeche Mode – Sister Of Night (Ida Engberg’s Walking Through The Light Remix)
13. Pan Pot – Mental Rush
14. Nomenklatür – The Shape
15. Electric Rescue – Dope (Stephan Bodzin Hope Remix)
16. Cute Heels – Eagles From The Sun


Listen & Download:
Long Live The New Flesh




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