[Special]: Electronic Beats presents “Depeche Moments” of several music people


Electronic Beats, international music magazine from Germany, started a series asking musicians and other music people about their “Depeche Moment”. So we put together a summary of the features.

New Depeche Mode album “Delta Machine” is out now. Click here for the release feature.



Gudrun Gut
owner of the label Monika Enterprises, producer of electronica, co-founder of the 1980s band Malaria!

Thomas Fehlmann
member of avantgarde band Palais Schaumburg, remixed several Depeche Mode tracks

Carsten Nicolai
best known for his project alva noto, co-owner of the label Raster-Noton, member of Diamond Version. DV will support DM on tour in Eastern Europe

Justus Köhncke
Kompakt artist, remixed Depeche Mode song “Peace”

Daniel Miller
founder of legendary label Mute, discovered Depeche Mode

Stefan Hantel aka Shantel
German DJ and producer, best known for his project Bucovina Club

German Dub producer, Mute artist and mastering engineer, remixed “Comatose” (unreleased)

Simon Reynolds
music journalist & author of such books as “Retromania”, “Rip It Up and Start Again” and “Energy Flash”


Douglas J. McCarthy
frontman/lead singer of EBM legend Nitzer Ebb. former label mates and tour support of Depeche Mode. Douglas will also support DM on tour

Tim Simenon
man behind the project “Bomb The Bass”, producer of the DM album “Ultra” and remixer of several tracks


Gudrun Gut
Thomas Fehlmann
Carsten Nicolai aka Alva Noto
Justus Köhncke
Daniel Miller’s label Mute
Simon Reynolds
Douglas J. McCarthy
Tim Simenon aka Bomb The Bass
Depeche Mode
Electronic Beats

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