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Traversable Wormhole


Traversable Wormhole Vol. 6 – 10






Release Date:
19th April 2013


CD (mixed) & digital


Centauri Dreams

Negative Energy Density

Four Dimensional Manifold

Present Hypersurface

Subliminal Warp Drive


Universal Time


The Wormhole Nexus

Paradoxical Consequences

Press Info:
Traversable Wormhole returns to CLR after a huge success in the techno scene with the digital releases and remixes of volumes 1 – 5. The present offering on CLR contains all songs from volumes 6 – 10, originally released on 12“ vinyl only.

The first anonymously produced ink stamped vinyls under the mysterious guise Traversable Wormhole appeared in the global techno scene in spring of 2009. At this time nobody knew who was behind the project and the mystique continued to grow with each new record until volume 6, when Adam X finally revealed himself as the creator of the much hailed productions in a Resident Advisor interview in 2010.

One crucial anecdote which eventually led to the digital releases and the massive remix project on CLR took place at the Berghain club in Berlin, where Adam met Chris Liebing and asked him about some highly positive remarks he had made about the mysterious act on Twitter. Chris immediately guessed that Adam was the originator of those tracks and insisted until he actually had to admit it – making Chris one of the very first persons to know the key to the mystery. It´s quite significant that this conversation took place at the Berghain, as it was the club and its infamous residents that originally inspired Adam X to write this music.

The story of Traversable Wormhole is the remarkable story of a well-known artist who successfully bypassed all possible preconceptions by just bringing out the music he wanted to hear in his favourite club under a new and unknown moniker. The concept worked smoothly, as he had the complete scene stunned and wondering about the origin of this exiting sound from day one. He had instantly convinced everybody with innovation and quality, even those who might not have given him as the artist Adam X a proper chance at this very moment. It´s simply one of those stories of doing the right thing, the right way, at the right time.

Needless to say that the quality of the tracks continued to be consistently excellent and the genre-crossing mix of straight-up, post-modern techno and industrial music beyond trends and hypes works just as well in the present volumes 6 – 10 as it did in the volumes 1 – 5. Stripped-down, sci-fi laden productions with unconventional beat structures, bass, rhythm and noise – a formula that has in one way or the other always been the essence of Adam X´s artistic output.

The latest endeavors from Traversable Wormhole will now be available for the first time on digital format. Included in this digital foray of sound will be a full length CD of all the latest TW songs mixed by Adam X. CLR is very exited to present you this new chapter of one of the most striking tales in the recent history of techno.




Adam X – “Inciting Mix”


ADMX-71 – “Second System”


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