[Special]: Nitzer Ebb + Douglas McCarthy Special


Douglas McCarthy | Nitzer Ebb Special


In the last few weeks and months there were some very interesting releases by Nitzer Ebb and solo stuff by NEP’s singer Douglas McCarthy.

So NEP released “Basic Pain Procedure” which was their first recording ever and only avialable on cassette back in the 80ies. Another big NEP thing is the DVD of “NE + HH – Live At Markthalle”, a live recording of the 2010er show in Hamburg. This is also available on vinyl via emmo.biz Records.

But there is more. Finally Douglas finished his first solo recording and released the album “Kill Your Friends” plus a remix 12″ on Pylon Records. Before doing a solo he was so invited by Motor to join them on their most recent album “Man Made Machine”. So Douglas did the vocals for the track “The Knife” which was also released as an single 12″ with some nice remixes via Chris Liebing’s new founded sublabel CLRX.


Douglas McCarthy

“Move On”


more infos about
>> CD & vinyl (Pylon Records)

Nitzer Ebb

“NE + HH – Live At Markthalle”


more infos about
>> DVD (Major Records)
>> vinyl (emmo.biz Records)

Nitzer Ebb

“Basic Pain Procedure”


more infos about
>> CD, vinyl, cassette (Pylon Records)

Motor feat. Douglas McCarthy

“The Knife (Remixes)”


more infos about
>> vinyl (CLRX)

Douglas McCarthy

“Kill Your Friends”


more infos about
>> CD & vinyl (Pylon Records)


Picture gallery with live footage by Falk Scheuring


Nitzer Ebb
Douglas McCarthy


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