out now: Debasser – Captain Bass [Wide Records]




Captian Bass


Wide Records




Release Date:
24th August 2012




Captian Bass

Captian Bass
(Posthuman Remix)

Captian Bass
(Paul Blackford Remix)


To celebrate the 30th release from leading independent UK Bass label, WIDE Records, we are very proud to present the latest offering from Debasser. This release follows on from other sub heavy classics such as “The Texas Bass Line Massacre”, “The Tingler”, “Quite Erotic” as well as the classics “Fat Girls” and the original UK Bass anthem, “Dark Smile”. Having made his way into the record boxes of some of the greatest DJs around, including the likes of Richie Hawtin, Dave Clarke and Andrew Weatherall, Debasser is back with yet another masterful blend of woofer shaking sounds to satisfy ya’ll below the belt.! !

Debasser original came to light back in 2002 with the critically acclaimed “Fat Girls” on Novamute, still to this day the track remains a favourite of Richie Hawtin and has featured in his current international EXIT playlist. The follow up track, “Dark Smile” was met with similar acclaim and credit and put Debasser well and truly at the top of his game. His output has continued on a number of labels around the globe including Seed, Balkan and Input-Output as well as his own WIDE Records, each time approaching music production with his unique twist of bass drunk and treble high. This along with his infamous live shows has gained him much respect within the electronic dance scene and crowned him the king of UK Bass. Described by journalists as “genre busting” and “approaching genius point”, Debasser has never rested on one specific sound but continued to move and developed however he sees fit so long as the lows keep rolling and the vibe keeps party. ! !

Captain Bass is the follow up to The Texas Bassline Massacre and sees Debasser treating his bass more like a comic book and less like a slasher movie, stepping away from the saw-wave-tastic indulgence of past and onto more of a beer swigging super hero dance floor filler. The release features along side remixes by Posthuman and Paul Blackford, both creating dance floor genius in their own inevitable style. The only question remaining is….just WHO IS Captain Bass?!




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