out now: Black Asteroid – Engine 1 (Remixes) [CLR]


Black Asteroid


Engine 1 (Remixes)






Release Date:
31st October 2011 (vinyl), 26th September 2011 (digital)


12″ & digital


Engine 1
(Unsubscribe Remix by Dave Clarke & Mr. Jones)

Engine 1
(Brian Sanhaji Remix)

Engine 1
(Brian Sanhaji Remix – Another Version)

Engine 1


Another CLR release is due and this time it consists of a powerful remix package for Bryan Black´s new project “Black Asteroid”. The highly recommendable originals by this unconventional Techno innovator have been released as CLR 049 and have been sounding frequently on dance-floors all over the planet ever since.

Two of the three perfectly balanced remixes have been crafted by CLR´s mastering wizard, renowned live act and busy producer Brian Sanhaji. His widely known warm and organic trademark sound characterizes both of the versions, giving you the choice between two rhythmically and sonically diverse options for different occasions.

Dave Clarke, who already played an early demo of the Engine EP long before it came out, contributed a highly energetic remix for the peak time moments of the night. His take on Engine 1 is called “Unsubscribe Remix” and was produced by himself and Mr. Jones. The remix takes the essence of the original track and adds Clarke´s punk attitude in its purest form. Though there has been a long studio absence, we are pleased that he took this remix duty.

CLR is more than happy with this combination of high quality remixes and hopes that you enjoy this memorable release.




Unofficial video:
Brian Sanhaji Remix – Another Version

Video created by the29nov films.


CLR (vinyl)
CLR (digital)
Juno (vinyl)
deejay.de (vinyl)
djshop.de (vinyl)
web-records.com (vinyl)
decks.de (vinyl)
HHV (vinyl)
Beatport (digital)
more soon


Black Asteroid


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