out now: Bryan Black Presents Black Asteroid – The Engine EP [CLR]


Bryan Black Presents Black Asteroid


The Engine EP


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Release Date:
11th July 2011 (digital), 25th July 2011 (vinyl)


12inch & digital


Engine 1

Engine 1.1

Engine 2



Chris Liebing and the CLR team are very exited about the upcoming release of CLR 049. The ENGINE EP by BLACK ASTEROID is the brand-new project of an artist who has been an unconventional techno innovator and a big inspiration for many years.

Black Asteroid is the brainchild of Bryan Black, who started his career as a sound designer for Prince. While working with Prince at Paisley Park Studios, Bryan learned and honed sound and production skills, which inspired him to start his own band. He moved to London England and co-founded a band called MOTOR. Their first demo was quickly signed to Novamute, and after 2 singles, MOTOR were catapulted to the top of the techno world, sharing stages with Daft Punk and Kraftwerk at major festivals, and later embarking on a World tour supporting Depeche Mode in 2009.

In April 2011, Bryan decided to start a new project by the name of BLACK ASTEROID, to showcase an exciting new sound and to re-capture the techno world once more. That was the moment when Chris Liebing came into the picture, and he recalls it as follows: “Of course I have always been a fan of Novamute, and one day I had this ‘Motor’ track called Sweatbox in my hands and loved it so much, that I called Novamute and asked if I could remix it. The result was the release of a single sided vinyl that came out in the end of 2005. What I really liked about the Original was the ‘out of the ordinary’ techno approach that Motor had…., and still has. For my remix, I actually only added a bassdrum…

6 years later I find this demo mail by Motor mastermind Bryan Black in my inbox, with a 4 track project called BLACK ASTEROID. He kept following what was happening on CLR and thought it was a good idea to send me the new tracks he has done. What a great idea! Very soon the next day, our whole office in Berlin was dancing and the neighbours were complaining.

I am excited and happy that Bryan has chosen CLR in order to get his tracks out and that we can continue the story, which started back in 2005. Loads of musical adventures lie ahead of us and I am happy to have Bryan Black on board!”

This debut EP of BLACK ASTEROID was written in only 1 week. Then it was mixed in the following week and signed to CLR a week later. An early demo version of “Engine 1” even made it to one of the highest ranks in Dave Clarke’s monthly top ten, long before any promos were sent out. It almost seems as if this music was in a hurry to be out there, and if you listen to it, it won’t surprise you at all. The ENGINE EP consists of nothing but pure POWER.


“Engine 1”

“Engine 1.1”




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Black Asteroid
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