out now: Mick Harvey – Sketches From The Book Of The Dead [Mute]

Mick Harvey

Sketches From The Book Of The Dead

Mute Records


Release Date:
2nd May 2011

CD, vinyl+CD & digital

01. October Boy
02. The Ballad Of Jay Givens
03. Two Paintings
04. Rhymeless
05. Frankie T. & Frankie C.
06. A Place Called Passion
07. To Each His Own
08. The Bells Never Rang
09. That’s All, Paul
10. How Would I Leave You?
11. Famous Last Words

Info :
Sketches From The Book Of The Dead is Mick Harvey’s first fully self-penned album; the 11-track album was recorded and mixed with David McCluney at Atlantis Sound, Port Melbourne with additional recording at Harvey’s own Grace Lane music room and sees Mick Harvey (playing most of the instruments) joined by Rosie Westbrook on double bass and J.P. Shilo on accordion & violin, with Xanthe Waite contributing occasional ethereal backing vocals.

This is an album containing an extraordinary investigation into a rarely scrutinized area of the human condition. Harvey has excelled himself and made a truly unique work to go alongside so much of what he has already achieved in his 30 years of musical creativity.


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Mick Harvey
Mute Records

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