out in May: debut film by Barry Adamson

Barry Adamson


Central Control International


Release Date:
16th May 2011


CD Tracklist:
01. Main Title
02. A Portrait of Monika
03. Bigger Pictures
04. How Did He Find Me?
05. Monika’s Living Nightmare
06. How Are You Feeling?
07. Glove Touch
08. Aaa Kotki Dwa
09. And Always Will Be
10. A Portrait of Anna
11. Our Father?
12. I Guess That’s Me… Done!
13. The Letter/End Titles

Info :
CCI just announced the exciting news that Barry Adamson’s directorial debut film Therapist, is ready for release.

Written, directed, edited and scored by BA, Therapist is a 40 minute noir thriller starring David Hayman, Ray Fearon, Ofo Uhiara and Iza Sawicka and includes original music by Barry Adamson, Rafael Toral, Gielarek and Antoine Lang.

It will be released in May of 2011 as a DVD and CD Soundtrack set. The first 1000 copies from the Central Control webstore are signed by Barry Adamson.

With more grit and grime than the underpasses of a decaying city, Barry Adamson’s first film THERAPIST (2011) is both the culmination of an artistic dream and the dawn of a new chapter in the artist’s life.

In 1988 Barry Adamson released his first solo album, the critically acclaimed Moss Side Story. Masquerading as a sound track to a film that did not exist, it became his calling card to the world of movie scoring. Now 23 years later having scored several movies for directors such as Danny Boyle, David Lynch and Derek Jarman; Barry joins their ranks of dark noir directors with a fantastic first film that draws upon his unique talents as an artist. Bringing the haunting melodies he is known for to the center of the creative process he integrates chilling chords with highly stylized visual images, resulting in a unique viewing experience that assaults all of your senses.

THERAPIST tells the story of Monika, a Polish immigrant searching for both her sister and an escape from her past. But is her story real or the metaphor for another man’s emotion – a story straight from the therapist’s couch? As the stories build to a uniform climax, we are asked to question the very nature of what we are experiencing, ultimately finding ourselves led further down a blind alley, into a place where memory, fantasy, truth and experience contradict themselves in an endless interplay of shadow and light.

The initial pressing comes as a limited 2 disk edition: THERAPIST on DVD (with bonuses: ‘The Gemini Complex’ featurette and an interview with Barry Adamson) plus the Original Soundtrack on CD. Therapist has been screened at the East End Film Festival, the Brighton Film Festival, Yach Film Festival (Poland) and shown at the Renoir (Curzon) in London.

Barry Adamson, musician and filmmaker was born in Manchester England and left his first year at art school to play bass in Howard Devoto’s Magazine. Five albums later he became a founding member of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds before going solo and making a series of soundtrack albums scored without actual movies, including Moss Side Story, Soul Murder (which was nominated for the inaugural Mercury Music Prize) and Oedipus Schmoedipus. This work took him into scoring work on movies for Oliver Stone, Alison Anders, Danny Boyle, David Lynch and more, as well as working in TV and on commercials. Adamson then went on to make highly acclaimed vocal, full band albums such as 2008’s Back to the Cat, As Above So Below and The King of Nothing Hill.
BA continues to work as a musician and now a writer – his short story Maida Hell, featured in London Noir, won the Best Short Story award at the Piemonte Noir festival in Italy – as well as a filmmaker.


Special screenings:
On Monday February 7th, there will be also a special cinema screening of Therapist in London – including a Q&A with Barry Adamson. Visit the Curzon Cinemas website (just click here) to order your ticket.

On the 2nd June 8th June there will be an in-store screening at Rough Trade East – plus Q&A with Mr. Adamson.

Small Note:
Barry Adamson also did a remix for the upcoming Grinderman single Palaces of Montezuma (Mute Records, 14th March 2011).

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Barry Adamson
Central Control International

“Therapist tells the story of Monika, a Polish immigrant searching for her sister, who encounters both tragedy and destruction. But is her story real or the metaphor for another man’s emotion, a story straight from the therapist’s couch? A truly metafictional experience, the film, with its looping narrative and world within a world structure, focuses on our experience-as reality and the contradiction between memory, fantasy, truth and the experience of life itself.”
– Annabel Grundy, East End Film Festival.

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