out now: Michel De Hey – Blackbird (incl. Pig&Dan Remix) [Circle Music]

Michel De Hey


Circle Music


Release Date:
16th February 2011

12" and digital

01. Blackbird
02. Blackbird (Pig & Dan Remix)
03. Haai Jack)

Info :
As one of the internationally most successful techno artists and probably most successful DJs and producers of the Benelux Michel De Hey is well known for his high quality techno sound worldwide. And the founder of EC Records, Hey! Records and Immaculate, where he supported artists like John Digweed, Paul Kalkbrenner, Tom Middleton, Funk’D’Void or Adam Beyer convinced on Circle Music with his linear “Sintrack EP” in 2009 already. In late 2010 he is back with the next outstanding release on Circle Music, “Blackbird” with interesting remixes of Cocoon’s Pig & Dan and Circle Music’s newcomer Daniel Bortz (for the Digital Version)

Michel begins with small but kicking beats paired with a dark rumbling bassline. Fastly some mind grueling psycho sounds combined with sick laughs disturbs any bright mood. Michel, who moreover had a few chart hits in netherland lays the focus on conventional techno atmosphere: dark and hard driving. For this reason the classic techno high hats are a really nice bonus.

“Blackbird (Pig&Dan Remix)”:
Cocoon act and founder of the Sonic Society imprint, the duo Pig & Dan takes it serious. With their well balanced arrangement led by the strong rolling bassline they are bringing some fun back to the dancefloor. With Love Parade like synthesizer sounds and kidding organ stabs Pig & Dan who also released on Yoshitoshi or Boxer in 2010, spread some true spirit on the dancefloor.

“Haai Jack”:
With its fluffy percussions arrangement the track “Haai Jack” is definitely placed in the tech house genre. Exciting sound experiments doesn’t take it too serious with the music by building a curious and entertaining but pumping arrangement. Michel De Hey shows us the self-depreciating side of his music.


“Blackbird (Pig & Dan Remix)”

“Haai Jack”

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djshop.de (vinyl)
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