[Download]: Project Rotten – Remixing The Flesh

Project Rotten

Remixing The Flesh

Twisted Flesh Recordings

TFR 002 D

Release Date:
2nd January 2011

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01 Embraced By Flames (ES23 Remix)
02 Buried Alive (Say Just Words Remix)
03 Embraced By Flames (Ad Inferna Remix)
04 Nightmares (Say Just Words Remix)
05 Nightmares (Anamadim Remix)
06 Scream (Incubite Remix)
07 The Lust To Kill (Melancholic Version)
08 Desecrating The Dead

Info :
This is a free remix EP from both released and unreleased remixes made by some very talented artists.

Project Rotten and Twisted Flesh Recordings would like to give these remixes to fans and people who have support both the band and the label. Without you nothing we’ve accomplished would be possible. We hope that you will enjoy this release and the artists (Incubite, Ad Inferna, Say just words, ES23 and Anamadim) that were kind enough to make these remixes for us.

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Project Rotten
Twisted Flesh Recordings

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