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Individual Suffering

Ionium Records


Release Date:
20th September 2010

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01. Random Note Introduction
02. Fallen Kingdom
03. Individual Suffering
04. Avoid
05. Benchmark
06. Living in Ruins
07. Probity
08. Generous
09. Needless (V2)
10. Evolving Presets
11. Individual Suffering (Pistas Remix By Erissoma)
12. Living in Ruins (Apparent Symmetry Remix)
13. Generous (Edriver 69 Remix)
14. Evolving Presets (Furthest From The Cold Remix)
15. Benchmark (In A Mindset Remix)
16. Avoid (Forever By Impurfekt)

Info :
Dancing to LPF12 is like eating lobster with mayonnaise in a snack-bar. Yeah, you could do that, but it’s no delight!

“Individual Suffering”, the new album by LPF12, is an experience. Just calling this music wouldn’t be appropriate, it would be an understatement. LPF12 is music for the mind. Music that evokes pictures. Music that evokes emotions. Music for gourmets of sound.

Skilfully LPF12 combines electro-rhythms with complex arrangements, soundtrack-like melodies with experimental sounds. Intelligent song-structures with mysterious vocals. Simply the best of ambient, new age, electro, industrial and techno – and creates a music you can only describe as cinema for your mind, while on the other hand being surprisingly danceable.

As impossible as it may sound: LPF12 is exactly the intersection of Skinny Puppy and Tangerine Dream, making “intelligent dance music” in the truest sense of word. Being no longer an inside tip, LPF12 gathers fans around the world with his unique music, to Brasil, Mexico and the USA. Music that belongs to the dancefloor and to your headphones.

When it comes to LPF12, you won’t find the aggression of distorted vocals or testosterone-driven beats in the foreground. LPF12 tells personal stories, converted into fascinating music, where every sample, every melody, every chord, every beat, every word is only one detail of the whole. With every new listen you will find something new in his soundscapes. Electronic music hasn’t been so exciting, diverse, complex and entertaining since a long time.

“Individual Suffering” is the absolute perfection of what LPF12 already outlined with his highly praised EP “Sub Route”. Music for your mind and your legs. Because you don’t have to be afraid: you can dance to it as well … BUT …


Ionium Records

Ionium Records

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