out now: L.B. Dub Corp – Take It Down (In Dub) [Ostgut Ton]


L.B. Dub Corp


Take It Down (In Dub)


Ostgut Ton


O-TON 39


Release Date:
2nd August 2010


12inch & digital


Take It Down (In Dub)

It’s What You Feel


Info :
After only a handful of productions and remixes under the illusive moniker, British techno pioneer Luke Slater’s ‘L.B. Dub Corp’ arrives on Ostgut Ton in its latest electronic mutation. ‘Take It Down (In Dub)’ is a fiery, extended experiment in dub textures. With powerfully reduced club energy at its core, Slater takes his time in heating up his tight and dynamic onset of sound, slowly unleashing a heavy twisted funnel of steam and metal that resounds throughout. Seemingly lighter in its approach, ‘It’s What You Feel’ strikes a melodic note early on and sustains it with artful presence and classic house vibes. This rare L.B. Dub Corp appearance allows us the chance to enjoy the gracious, esoteric and entrancing end of Luke Slater’s creative spectrum.






hardwax (physical)
deejay.de (physical)
Zero-Inch.com (digital)
JunoDownload.com (digital)
more links soon


Luke Slater
Ostgut Ton


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